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Look at 3 space mysteries that still have no explanation

There are many things happening in the universe that we cannot understand at this time, such as the formation of supermassive black holes, dark matter, fast radio signals, and many other cosmic phenomena.

We still can’t understand a few things and we need a few more years to get an answer. However, there are also real space mysteries, which scientists have been able to confuse. Joe Scott’s YouTube channel also introduced some space mysteries.

The disappearing star

The star that once decided to disappear from the sky was a bright blue variable star that was in a dwarf galaxy about 75 million light-years away, but is out of place today. What worries me is that it was a really massive star, 2.5 million times brighter than our Sun.

The star appeared regularly in data from 2001 to 2011, but when scientists decided in 2019 to look at it again, the star was no longer in the sky. Previous observations have shown that the star emits radiation around it, which is an indicator of a dying star. The problem is that massive stars, of their size, will end their lives in a massive explosion: a supernova. What happened to the star is unknown.

A particle of a parallel universe

In 2006, NASA scientists discovered a particle in Antarctica which does not belong to it. Some consider its discovery to be proof of the existence of parallel universes. The particle was captured by the ANITA telescope (Editor’s note: Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna).

The telescope has been specially designed to detect high-energy particles, neutrinos, that come from space. The 2006 discovery is exceptional and mysterious, because the recorded neutrino did not come from space, but from the opposite direction, from below.

It turned out not to be a particle from another universe, but a signal which was created by ascari radiation (editor’s note: named after physicist Gurgen Askaryan). This radiation occurs when a neutrino moves faster than light and forms essentially the equivalent of sound cod.

How did the neutrino manage to exceed the speed of light? It’s a bit of a scam. In a vacuum, light travels at the maximum allowed speed, but if photons move, for example, on ice, I move more slowly. However, neutrinos do not react much with matter, so it can advance photons into the ice and create ascari radiation, which was captured by the ANITA telescope.

The radiation captured by the telescope has been explained, but science still cannot explain where the neutrino with such high energy came from. More than 40 studies have already attempted to explain this problem.

The young surface of Venus

Venus is sometimes known as the Earth’s twin. The more we learned about the planet “hell”, the more differences we managed to discover between the two planets. A common feature is that both planets have a small number of craters.

Earth has tectonic activity and a water cycle that has helped us get rid of many craters, but Venus does not have these things. However, the convection of the mantle takes place below its surface. The colder, denser rocks sink to the bottom and the warmer ones rise higher, to the surface.

Scientists assume so from time to time Venus “changes” its surface for a new one. The mystery remains in what form or how often this process takes place. You can still find a small number of craters on the planet, perfectly preserved. As far as possible, science cannot say.

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