Saturday , November 27 2021

Marian Kochner wants to go to freedom: his request will be decided by the court in Pezinok


The dismissal of female entrepreneur Marian K., who recently submitted a request for release from custody, is decided by the Special Criminal Court (PSC) in Pezinok.

"On Monday, the indictment for release from custody was submitted to the STS judge for preparatory proceedings because the Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution Office (UPS) rejected the request for release from custody," Jana Tokoliova, UAS spokesperson, told TASR. "The hearing of the Accused is not yet known, "Ms. Katarina Kudjakova, STS spokeswoman, said on Monday.

In this case, the UCP's supervising prosecutor recently stated that individual acts of prosecution, in particular hearings and expert witnessing, have so far been carried out in a significant manner, smoothly and lawfully. The link, contrary to the accused's allegation, is further aggravated by the fourth prosecution.

Marian K. is in detention on the accounts for TV Marquis for almost 70 million euros. Na Mariani K. and Paul R. Television filed a criminal complaint over alleged forgeries of securities and unrest of justice. The authenticity of the account has been heard from private television since the beginning of the dispute. She claims that the invoices in question were never recorded on Marks accounts or in the accounts of companies that allegedly had bills before filing declarations of fraud.

On March 28, the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic decided on the custody of female entrepreneur Marian K. On July 23, the Public Prosecutor's Office issued a decision on securing the property of the accused entrepreneur in connection with a criminal case related to the transfer of immovable property in the Donovaly cadastral territory due to the continuous criminal offense of non-payment of taxes and insurance.

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