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Mirgorodský won the title in C1: there were minor mistakes


Bratislava, October 16 (TASR) – Water slalom manufacturer Marko Mirgorodský became Slovakia’s C1 champion on Saturday. At the national championship in Čunov, he showed a clean trip and clocked a time of 100.83 seconds. Ľudovít Macúš finished second (111.97 s) and Alexander Slafkovský (112.85) was third.

“In the final race I went all I wanted. There were small mistakes, but considering it’s already after the season, I’m satisfied. The Slovakian title is appreciated and I’m glad it came here. the season was not bad, but there were many things I could have done better. I think it will increase and I will continue to improve. ” said Mirgorodsky, who won the first men’s title.

Pictured, Emanuela Luknárová, a member of the Slovak national team in water slalom, during training ahead of the upcoming Slovak National Open 2019 competition, August 8, 2019 in Bratislava-Čunov, photo from the archive.
Photo: TASR – Martin Baumann

In K1, Martin Halčin won the title with a five-second lead over Jakub Stanovský. “It’s beautiful, it was a great trip overall, but it won’t save the season. During my life I was physically fit, very good in terms of condition, I didn’t show it in any race. I realized I needed a big change, but ” said Halčin.

Kristína Ďurecová won among the kayakers with a time of 113.40 with: “The final trip was good at first, I was going down hard at the bottom and I was taking less than I wanted. The final sprint, I’ve already seen the stars slowly.” The bronze was won by the double Olympic winner Elena Kaliská, who is saying goodbye to a rich race. Emanuela Luknárová won in women’s C1, Ivana Chlebová won silver in both disciplines. “I’m happy, even though I didn’t do everything I wanted to. But I got to the finish line with a good feeling, and that’s probably the most important thing.” said Luknárová, who defended last year’s title.



1. Emanuela Luknárová 115.89 s (0),
2. Ivana Chlebová 129.83 (6),
3. Petronela Izova 155.97 (4)

1. Kristína Ďurecová 113.40 s (0),
2. Ivana Chlebová 114.79 (0),
3. Elena Kaliska 124.72 (2)


1. Marko Mirgorodský 100.83 s (0),
2. Macudovít Macúš 111.97 (0),
3. Alexander Slafkovsky 112.85 (2)


1. Martin Halčin 98.17 s (0),
2. Jakub Stanovský 103.19 (0),
3. Maximilian Galovic 103.38 (0)

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