Monday , May 16 2022

NAKA intervened in the county office in Košice


According to the Košice Autonomous Region, police are investigating a criminal report.

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) intervened on Thursday in the Office of the Košice Autonomous Region (KSK). The county says police are verifying information related to the criminal report filed. “The Košice Autonomous Region is fully cooperating and will provide all the necessary information,” Anna Terezková, a spokeswoman for the region’s president, told TASR.

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KSK argues that anyone can file a criminal report and that the police authorities should review it. “Like us, we are investigating the attacks of the last few days related to Heker’s attack on the computer networks of the KSK office and false profiles of the president requesting personal data under the pretext of providing financial rewards,” he said. dir Terezková.

RTVS provided information on NAKA’s intervention, related to the purchase of four new trucks with special superstructures for summer and winter maintenance. Police told RTVS that the NAKA investigator was prosecuting the crime of machinations in public procurement and public auctions in connection with the acquisition of the KSK road administration.

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