Thursday , August 11 2022

No one is returning to Ondavka's indebted population: the process of affiliation to neighbors will begin


"No mayor or assistant candidate has been registered, so that, after the elections, the process of modification of the municipal law begins and it will be a merger of municipalities" said the head of the district office in Bardejov, Miroslav Bujda.

The last amendment to the municipal law introduced the possibility of affiliation to a dysfunctional community. If the municipality has no council or mayor after two consecutive elections, the government may add it by regulation to a neighboring municipality of the same district if the neighboring municipality accepts. The Ondavka affiliation belongs to the municipality of Becherov or Vyšná Polianka.

One of the towns where the municipal recharge is celebrated on Saturday is Petkovce in the district of Vranov nad Topľou. The citizens have re-elected the mayor, since two candidates obtained the highest number of votes in the November elections last November. Both are also running.

"We hope that voters' participation will increase in the afternoon or even at night, when they have a job" Mária Tkáčová, president of the local electoral commission, said. In addition to Petkoviec, the mayor or local deputies are elected Saturday in the Prešov region, in the villages of Ruská Poruba, Majere, Turany and Ondavou, Jurkova Voľa, Girovce, Petkovce and Piskorovce. In the Košice region, the mayor is selected in the village of Nižné Nemecké and missing members in the villages of Perín-Chym, Slanská Huta, Hrhov.

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