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Nominations for European Film Avards 2018 have been announced in Seville


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Sevilla, November 10 (TASR) – The European Film Academy announced on Saturday a festival tour in the same city of nominations for European Film Awards that will be presented on December 15 at the Gala Night in Seville, Spain. The winner's trophies in each category would be more than 3,500 members of the European Film Academy.

The award for the best European film will be held by the creators of five films Grans (Hranica), who killed the Iranian cousin Ali Abbas in a Swedish-Danish co-production, the Polish War of Polish Oscar Pavel Pavlikovsky, Dogman Drama Italian director Matteo Garrone in Italian French co-production, The Belgian-Dutch Co-Production Girl (The Girl), based on the inspiration of Lucas Dhont, the novel by Lazzarro Felice from the Italian director Alice Rohrwacher's workshop, a German-Swiss co-production.

Directors of four of these films are among the best film directors, Ali Abbasi (Grans), Pavel Pavlikovski (Winter War), Matteo Garrone (Dogman) and Alice Rohrvachero (Lazzaro felice). Piatin nominated for this category is Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz for Foktrot.

Creations of the main heroes of five nominations for the entire nominee nominated in the category of the best European film of the year include three actresses as the best trophy for women and three nominations for the best male performances of their three colleagues.

The women's category is Joanna Kuliga for her play in Winter War, Eva Melander for creation in the film Grans and Alba Rohrvacher (director's sister) in the movie Lazzaro felice. Marie Baumer from Germany will be completed by Marie Baumer from Germany for the performance of the three-day Romney Schneider in Kuiberon, Icelandic Halldore Geirhardsdottir for her performance in the Icelandic French-Ukrainian co-production with the English distributor Voman at Var and Barbara Lennie from Spain for the production of the title character in the Spanish-French film Peter.

Marcello Fonte (Dogman), Tomasz Kot (Winter War) and Victor Polster (Girl) will be nominated for the male, as well as the Swedish actor Jakob Cedergren for Emergenci Call, his British counterpart Rupert Eeverett for Oscar Wilde international coproduction Happi Prince and other Swedish Sverrir Grudnason, representative of legendary Bjorn Borg from Borg / McEnroe.

Laureat of the European Film Prize for the Best Documentary of the Year on the Old Continent is taken over by A woman, a picture by the Hungarian director Bernadette Tuz-Ritter, produced in the Hungarian-German co-production, by the work of Swedish director Jane Magnusson Bergman-Ett Ar, Ett Liv in co-production with Germany father and son, directed by Talal Derki, born in Syria living in Berlin, who was hired in Syria and Germany and Lebanon and Qatar, a distant dogfighting, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, directed by Simon Lereng Vilmont, three Scandinavian countries – Dan ka, Finland and Sweden, as well as the Spanish-American co-production director and producer Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar.

This follows from information published on the site of the European Film Academy.

Prizes will be awarded in other categories, such as Best Screenplay, Best Short Film, Best Comedy, or Best Animated Movie of the Year.

It has been known since October that British actor Ralph Fiennes, known among others by the famous film film The English Patient and the life of Spanish actress Carmen Maura, is known for his award-winning European film film award from several Oscar-winning actors Pedro Almodovar.

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