Tuesday , July 27 2021

Orange cancels Orange Sports. Already at the end of June

The operator unexpectedly announced the end of the broadcast of its stations.

Orange Slovensko has announced that it no longer plans to continue the project of its own sports stations and will cancel the channels. Orange Sports will end in two months.

“At the time of the announcement of the big changes in football competitions in Europe, we are also giving information about the changes in the broadcasting of sports content on Orange TV. On June 30, 2021, the television channels Orange Sport, Orange Sport 2, 3, 4 will finish their broadcasts, ”Orange said.

The channels will not be available on the market, their transmission will end completely. Until now, they were only on offer from Orange, for satellite, cable and internet.

The main attraction of the stations is the Champions League. In relation to the broadcast of the competition on the Orange platform, there is talk of a significantly losing project, in which the operator probably no longer wants to continue. Now announced in September 2019that Orange Sport could also offer competition, but so far no one has agreed.

It also ended with satellite TV

In late February we brought the informationthat Orange did not obtain the rights to the Champions for another period.

According to our findings, however, the competition could still appear on the Orange TV service. However, it is unlikely to be the only broadcaster in the market with this competition. For a long time, competitor Telekom has focused on the sports offering and, along with Orange, operates the Premier Sport station with the Premier League.

Note that in early January, the operator announced this ends with satellite TV and the sale of the stopol service. But for now, it works for current customers. He was throwing it just in time to win the Champions League.

There should only be one Orange Sport at first.

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The sports canals were built mainly in the Champions League. The operator did not get it directly.

Source: Orange

At the end of March 2021 used Orange television services 141,000 customers.

What about packages

Orange said that customers with the “Orange Sports“They will get it for free from June to August. From July 1, they will replace their own channels Premier Sport and Arena Sport 1 and 2 and Nova Sport 1 and 2.

Package “Super Sport“It adds the Premier Sport station. If you have the “All Premium Packages” package, you will get Arena Sport 1 and 2 and Nova Sport 1 and 2 instead of Orange Sports.

Changes to “Super Sport +“The operator has just prepared. In the case of”Orange TV Sports for Internet“Customers will get Premier Sport and Unit and Two in HD quality.

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