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PC Revue | Samsung is the first to begin selling KLED TVs with a resolution of 8K


At the end of October, Samsung launched its 8K television producer as the first manufacturer to sell. It happened so soon after their appearance at the IFA2018 Berlin Fair this year.

Ultra HiVision 8K uses four times the resolution (7680 × 4320) of Ultra HD 4K and up to 16 times the Full HD. In addition, support for extended color space using Rec. 2020 and extended dynamic range of HDR. It connects to external devices with the new generation HDMI 2.1, which enables the transmission of HDMI 8K 50 / 60p HDR or 4K 100 / 120p HDR and has data rates up to 48 Gbps.

Samsung introduced the new K900R KK00R, K900R, which is available with 65 ", 75" and 85 "diagonal KLED televisions, which is equipped with a brand new Kuantum 8K processor, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It enables the reproduction of the original 8K content, but what it is even more important in the initial phase of the launch of this format to upsampling a video with a lower resolution (full HD, 4K) for 8K rendering. In the first step, TV analyzes the original content and then calculates it with a dynamic library of patterns, shapes and colors, then uses the best answer algorithm the content is rendered and executes the final reproduction of the image to a full resolution of 8K, which means that the user views the content through the streaming, set-top, HDMI, USB or even still launch, Kuantum Processor 8K r discovers and skips any content up to a resolution of 8K The K900R also supports KR HDR 8K technology with HD Dynamic Range 10+ (High Dynamic Range) which optimizes brightness, natural colors and allows you to get exactly the same visual expression as the designers intended. For this purpose, the TV uses Direct Direct Arrai Elite Direct Backlight to enhance contrast and accurate backlight control and covers 100% DCI-P3 color space. It offers users billions of shades of color to the cleanest and most accurate rendering of colors. The TV has the highest brightness on the market with up to 4,000 threads, which is twice as big as the most powerful 4K TVs. This guarantees a large dynamic range when watching HDR content.

In addition to the superb image and sound in the 4.2 K900R configuration, there are many new features that make it easy to use. For example, TV recognizes and analyzes equipment connected either via HDMI or via an optical cable, and then automatically switches the image source and audio output to an optimal viewing experience. The Universal Remote Remote Control can be used for their complete control. The ambient mode, known for the latest 4K TVs, has been improved to make TV become smoother with the environment and display on-screen images, weather forecasts, news and more. An invisible connecting cable, which comes standard in the length of 5 m, includes both optical and power lines, giving users more freedom to decide where and how to set up the TV. The cable is very slim and provides a very unconnected connection to One Connect Bok, which includes all necessary connections, including power. As the TV does not yet have the latest HDMI 2.1 interface (at the moment there are no devices to connect to it), the manufacturer will upgrade to the latest technology by simply replacing One Connect Bok. Smart improvements, such as SmartThings, further enhance the K900R (Smart Home Control) capabilities and the Universal Guide provide customized recommendations for easy live or OTT content on your TV.

The K900R KLED 8K TVs are available from selected retailers on October 22, 2018. The suggested retail price is 4999 € for size 65 ", 69999 € for 75 € and 14,999 € for 85% TV.

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