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Prague could also get the Apple store and the AI ​​center. The Czech Prime Minister was at the head of the main IT managers

Apple had already created a coordination team. The technology security of Huawei is about to be taken care of by the German authorities.

Apple from Apple could open the Apple Store brand in Prague. After a meeting with the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister Tim Cook, informed Facebook. It is currently the nearest Apple store in Slovakia in Vienna, Austria It opened its doors only for less than one year.

"Only in ten European countries, a right to Paris, the Louvre. Here, for example, the construction of the" Staromák "Local Development Ministry would be excellent for us. Tim Cook responded immediately and a team of coordination on the ground, "Babiš wrote to the social network.

The politician met with the head of one of the most valued companies in the world in Davos, Switzerland, in the traditional World Economic Forum.

Apple chief Tim Cook met Andrej Babiš at the World Economic Forum.

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Tim Cook created a coordination team to deal with the Apple Store in Prague.

Source: Facebook / Andrej Babiš

Promise land for the best

Babis Cook presented a new strategy for the Czech Republic: for the year 2030, it is among the most innovative states in Europe. The goal is to support start-up and strong financing in R & D. The state undertakes to progressively give 3% of the gross domestic product.

"We want to show that we are a country of technological opportunities, a country of capable and innovative people, we want to attract important scientists and innovators in the Czech Republic and keep our young people happy," Babis said.

By comparison, Slovakia puts 0.79% of GDP in research and development in 2016 and 1.68% of the GDP of Czechoslovakia, according to The Hungarians were better with the GDP of 1.21% and the Poles 0.97% of GDP. The problem is that in early 2010, the Czech government had the objective of investing 2.7% of GDP by 2020, according to

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The Czech Republic has announced massive investments in research and development. It has the ambition to attract the best scientists.

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The Western Prime Minister said he negotiated with Martin Schroeter, vice president of IBM, "an important support for the construction of an artificial intelligence center in the Czech Republic." With the general director of AT & T, John Donovan, he has dealt with the development of telecommunications networks and the construction of 5G.

Brothers explore Huawei

The Czech Prime Minister also met with other senior IT companies in Davos, including Huawei, who recently linked to the alleged threat to national security. Several countries therefore prohibit Chinese manufacturers from participating in the 5G network construction.

Politicians demand that cybersecurity be widely discussed at the level of all EU Member States, as this is a global problem.

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Huawei opens a new cyber security center in Brussels, according to Babisha, the company's leaders.

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According to Huawei, it is conducting an open discussion between them and the German BSI, the Federal Bureau of Information Security, "commented that the National Office of Cybernetic Security is already analyzing the critical infrastructure risk

Huawei has already opened a new Cyber ​​Security Center in Brussels in March.

What about the Slovaks?

Although representatives of Slovakia, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak have traveled to Davos, we can not find a mention of meetings with people from the technological sector on the Internet.

The head of diplomacy debated on the theme "The world at the time of globalization 4.0" where, for example, there was talk of the need to "solve the technological and ecological balance in the world."

He also attended a debate on the current power relations defined by strategic competition in areas ranging from advanced technologies to infrastructure development. "Their participants spoke about possible factors that will affect the world economy and industry this year," the ministry summarized.

Pellegrini spoke about the support of PET bottles with Vice President Coca-Cola Michael Goltzman. In addition, according to his own words, "he has had many interesting meetings and negotiations," he did not say much more.

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