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President KHL: After the end of the season, we will rule out the worst team

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The president of the Continental Hockey League (KHL), Dmitry Chernyshenko, said in an interview for the Russian portal, he would insist that after the end of the current season he would leave to the transnational competition, # 39; weaker team

Leadership management is considered by all clubs in various aspects, taking into account sports scores, parties at home or economic conditions. Based on these criteria, they compile the table and discard the last club in turn. Admiral Vladivostok is currently in the queue of the list.

"We have adhered to a strategy that tells us that after the end of the season, we will be dismantled by KHL's worst team, now in the most unfavorable position of Admiral Vladivostok, but potential candidates are also Severstal Čerepovec and Amur Chabarovsk, said Chernyshenko, who also admitted that the League is negotiating the entry of new teams.

The interests come from his words from France, Germany or Japan.

KHL has experienced a reduction in the number of clubs at the end of last season. From the "twenty-second" original, Lada Togliatti and Jugra Chanty-Mansijsk left. Last year's competition announced that it wants to reduce the number of players to 24, so it is clear that another team will leave the league in spring.

Curiously, Slovan Bratislava is the worst team with regard to the number of points achieved in the current year. However, the only Slovenian participant in the KHL does not appear on the list of threatened clubs, which was presented by Chernyshenko.



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