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Problems at the Bratislava vaccination center. Many people “put it in Cibulka”

Illustration photo. Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

BRATISLAVA – Chaos and mess. Therefore, the current system of so-called vaccination waiting room, where those interested in a coronavirus vaccine are applied. Registration has already been accompanied by several problems, from several vaccinated people ordered at once, literally going through “life games” when booking an appointment, to long-term counseling in front of vaccination centers. However, the high-capacity center of Bratislava under the auspices of the autonomous region called another huge problem. Although people over the age of 50 currently need to be vaccinated, much younger people are also being vaccinated in Slovakia. In addition, non-existent people show up for appointments.

Bratislava County operates two vaccination centers: one of large capacity at the National Football Stadium and the other on the premises of a polyclinic in Karlova Ves. About three weeks ago they reported that, in addition to the classic counselor, people with a disability card can also show up, who will appear on the lists as substitutes, as those interested in the vaccine. According to the director of health care in the Autonomous Region of Bratislava, Tomáš Szalay, last weekend we managed to vaccinate three hundred people with severe disabilities in the region, as well as almost 200 more patients than the health insurance companies go send to the base of diagnoses. The National Center for Health Information (NCZI) another 2000. Here, however, a stumbling block occurs.

According to the currently established rules, people over the age of 50 can apply for vaccination. However, over the weekend there was this type of saffron at the Tehelné pole vaccination center. “But nearly three-quarters (!) Of the guests were under 50 (average age 36). How did you get the invitation? On the NCZI vaccination application form, they ticked the option to belong to a” Phase 1 “. Since all other options were age-related, the only one that allowed the younger person to apply was” Phase 1 “. reports angrily the head of health care in the region. He added that no one knows exactly what “phase 1” is. According to Szalay, however, this may have something to do with first-wave coronavirus workers being vaccinated instead.

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These are mainly health professionals or social service household workers. However, if the Slovaks tick the “Phase 1” option, they will not have to prove anywhere that they are also working with the risk of coronavirus infection. And it’s also a breeding ground for scammers. Only the last page of the form shows the information you need to bring a confirmation of the vaccination. “So I will support some people who clicked on the application form who were ‘Phase 1’ and passed ‘Cibulka.’ I trust them that they have been deceived. convinced that they had managed to register as “substitutes” in the waiting room and that they had been assigned a replacement period and had not been robbed of anyone older. “ adds Szalay, adding that the form will release everything. From incorrect birth numbers, to defective vaccination dates, to fictitious identities. “We had Igor Matovič ordered twice a day for Čakárna’s schedules. Ute Kokott also appeared. In the east, they had several hundred non-existent patients not issued by robots. What vaccines were they preparing for?” points out Szalay.

Shame on Slovakia

According to Szalay, the appointment allocation system for vaccination at the same time is “tremendously designed.” He also gave several examples of how people are abusing the system. Some people have to be sent by large telecommunications operators or headquarters because they consider themselves to belong to “phase 1” even if they don’t. Others will come with confirmation that they worked at MOM, while according to the head of health care in Bratislava County, this document can be downloaded from the Internet. “Some people went with confirmations and a story, for example, Ms. Says she works for a software company (shows a confirmation of employment). This company makes the software that the hospital uses (shows the contract between the She manages this software (another piece of paper from a superior), or the company installs land, competes to install it on DSSke, but the condition is that or the husband who is interested in the vaccines installs air conditioners, even in a hospital.Because he did not meet any of the points in phase 1, the lady lost an hour with the confirmation from her husband that the hospital air conditioners were installed together. “ describes Szalay with the question of how to evaluate these cases. In fact, in their opinion, they have no right to do so.

Head of health care in the Bratislava region, Tomáš Szalay. Source: TASR / Jakub Kotian

“The registration process, which usually takes up to 20 seconds, took more than 2 minutes to review the papers. Instead of five registrars, we would need them to resolve the administration 30. The recommendations for hanging information billboards in front of the stadium are a misstep of a tiger in the tail. People who do not yet comply with the vaccination strategy should not make an appointment in the waiting room. Or vice versa: deadlines must be given to those who are in line. And this will be managed by the state. That should not be the role of vaccination centers. “ he points out that, instead of dealing with it, the state is threatening the region, as the center’s founder, with heavy fines.

Presumably, anyone who is unjustly vaccinated will have to receive a penalty of 10,000 euros. Although hundreds of people refused to be vaccinated over the weekend, this does not solve the problem, because in a few weeks they will again be “chased” to be vaccinated. “The waiting room does not check anything, including whether someone has been vaccinated or not. Whether people will receive an invitation to the second dose and whether it will match the right vaccine correctly and who will not mistakenly invite them to the third dose , etc., is, in my opinion, a big challenge for NCZI, the new Minister of Health and the new Prime Minister. concluded Szalay.



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