Tuesday , January 25 2022

Red Dead Redemption 2 ridicules fans of Flat Earth theory when players find the edge of the entire map


Supporters of bizarre theory came into contact with creators.

If you've already played Red Dead Redemption 2, he apparently quickly learned that in this game a person can not bother. When you stop playing horseback riding, you can play poker, rob a train or hit random passers-by in trouble.

It's a great attraction for toys exploring the seemingly endless map, on which Rockstar Games programmers worked thousands of hours and made the biggest map in their history. Additionally, programmers are unrecognizably sending messages through individual objects and places embedded in the game world.

Recently they launched a scandal feminist murderers the fight for women's rights, but this time Rockstar shot from supporters theory of a flat earth. She does not need to explain her in any way because she is completely stupid, but her fans simply believe that the Earth is a flat panel with the beginning and the end.

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Of course, in real life you can not find any end of the imaginary board until our planet is gone flat plate, but Rockstar Games developers wanted to laugh at this group of people.

One Red Dead Redemption 2 player succeeded get to the far end of the map and wondered what would happen when he crossed the edge. As you can expect in today's society, the number went down to the unknown after the first step, as if the Earth was flat and suddenly finished.

In the game screen, users enjoy greatly, wanting to take the video from the edge of the map as quickly as possible from the Internet, as supporters of the theory of the flat Earth will support it, will immediately be judged as necessary proofs and screams that they were rightly constantly . Once again, Rockstar Rock Hat.

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