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Sakha reaction to interviews for organizers For a decent Slovakia


At the press conference in Banska Bystrica, the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, Denis Sakova, talked about hearing the members of the Initiative for Reliable Slovakia with the fact that he never interfered with the ongoing investigation and demanded that everyone should perform their duties according to the law and in accordance with the law .

"Police can not be part of politics" the minister said that the police must investigate each motion, regardless of whether it is anonymous and regardless of who surrendered it and who it will be solved.

According to the president of the police force, Milan Lučansky, information about the preparatory procedure was learned only on Tuesday from the media. On this basis, he contacted the investigator, who informed him about certain facts about the anonymous criminal complaint sent to him directly to NAKA Director Petra Hraški and delivered on September 10th. As mentioned by the CA CA President, the NAKA director, after reading and evaluating a criminal notice, decided to assign an anti-corruption unit.

According to Lucian, that's the case suspicion of corruption or any economic or tax offense, as this unit is being explored. The corresponding investigator subsequently continued with the steps in which he attempted to supplement the information in the pre-accession process, so that within the legal deadline he could decide whether the proceeding would continue. "The only person who can intervene in this is the supervising prosecutor, but only after deciding that the prosecution will continue" Lučansky pointed out that neither he nor anyone else could interfere with the case. As on Tuesday afternoon, he stated that the police were obliged to investigate any criminal charges.

In connection with the initiative of the alleged Slovakia, it was submitted five offenses, of which four were denied. Deputy Slovak Initiative for Interviews NAKA and doubts in response to reactions to another protest Friday, November 16 at 17:00 in Bratislava. She was informed of this at the information briefing in Karolina Farska on Tuesday. As for the agency SITA, Platform Coordinator, Not in our city, Martina Strmenova, in Banska Bystrica, joined the protest on Saturday, November 17, at 5 pm. "Symbolically, before the 89th and today, even in the spring of 2018. A civilian voice can not be silenced," Strmenova said.

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An anonymous petition came by NAKA, the organizers of the Assembly hear about corruption. Organizers believe that these practices are unacceptable, they talked about maltreatment, on the other hand they emphasized that they had good experience with the police for eight months of protest and they know that there are many decent people in it. Possible suspicions that these people were accompanied by the security forces of the state include the extraordinary committee for parliamentary control of the Slovak Information Service (SIS), chaired by its chairman, opposition lawmaker Gabor Grendel (OLaNO).

A police investigator has called for persons who might be abused or damaged in their own way. He gave them a notice to see. He asked them to fill out information, including checking in the account, to assess the truthfulness of the criminal information. The police responded to their facebook for information about the hearing of the organizer of the initiative "For a decent Slovakia".

Organizers of demonstrations The last days of the National Agency for Crime are held for the good days of Slovakia. As Daili N released on Tuesday, an investigator of anti-corruption units, Peter Jakubik, calls them "corruption and others". Juraj Selig, Karolina Farska, Katarina Nagi Pazmani, Tana Sedlakova and Veronika Brunckova were interviewed. They should follow the other on Thursday. "The investigator told them that someone submitted an anonymous criminal report that they had organized a coup and that George Soros had paid them" transmits a diary.

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