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"Workplace cuts, which is the first private employer in Slovakia, draws attention to the problems that are facing this country," reports Reuters, who comments on the advances of our automotive sector. Without a doubt, the outside view is interesting.

Redundancies of the Bratislava plant ...

the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava suggests potential problems
Slovakia could face if there was a crisis in the automobile industry.
For example, under the influence of the US commercial war.
Author: Volkswagen

When David got a job in the assembly line of the Bratislava plant
Volkswagen, colleagues, congratulated him on having achieved
Make sure there is a well-paid job where you can stay up to date
retirement However, after only two years, there are between 3,000 employees who
They were released from the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne factory
work block series. In Slovakia, which is the largest
Global car manufacturers per capita have caused this report
shock, writes Reuters.

"All my colleagues said that I had no fear. This when you are
I will get used to the workload and the rhythm, the salaries will increase gradually and I will do it
I will have a stable job until retirement, "David told Reuters
who refused to reveal his surname. "And they suddenly called me
from the human resources department and I found myself rejected. "
The automobile industry is in the global gross domestic product of Slovakia
It represents approximately 12% and has more than one in ten
jobs in this country.

Competition of cheaper countries in southeastern Europe, change of production
However, electric vehicles and world trade tensions are among the
Problems faced by a small nation of central Europe at a time when the producers
Cars are considering the possibility of placing their production lines in the future. a lot
Volkswagen is considering the construction of a new plant in Eastern Europe. com
we talk about the most likely places in Bulgaria, Serbia and

Although David found a place in another car, layoffs
However, at the Bratislava factory it is preparing to stay. "If we use
A car metaphor, we see a warning light when we do not have to go
With a car for the review, "said Reuters minister
the economy of Peter Žiga. "In the automotive sector, it works
300 000 people. If something happened to them, it would be serious, "he warns
Žiga. Even uncertainties have led to unions that have recently been pushing
Increase wages to change attitude.

"At this point, we do not focus on wages, stability is a priority
Zoroslav Smolinsky, head of departments, told Reuters.
"We have to wait for worse moments and wait for the best."
to strengthen the automobile industry, which is in the global production of Slovakia
With a 40% stake in exports, the government approved subsidies
to increase sales of electric cars and announced the increase in taxes
200% of the amount invested in R & D. At the same time, though
efforts to increase the minimum wage and increase night supplements,
It reduces the competitiveness of Slovakia, the leader of the association points out
of the Slovak auto industry Ján Pribula.

"At this point, companies are deciding who is new in seven years
models, "says Pribula. "It is important to send a signal that we are
responsible because they are progressively losing the competitive edge, "he added. united
The automotive industry of the Slovak Republic is represented, among others, by four automobile manufacturers
in the country, in addition to Volkswagen PSA Group, Kia Motors and Jaguar Land Rover.
However, Slovakia is not the only country in Central Europe to do so
in front of problems. They are high on investments in foreign cars
Neighbors of the European Union: the Czech Republic, which is
the home of the Škoda brand of the Volkswagen group, as well as the Hyundai plant, at
Hungary, where BMW, Daimler and Audi have their businesses.

The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, warned in June
Especially for these states, there is a high dependence on foreign trade
It is a very worrying threat to a global trade war. Chief economist
Deloitte David Marek claims that a 25% tax on imports
Cars in the US would reduce the revenues of the Czech automobile industry
121 billion solar crowns per year. Growth of the global economy at the same time
forced some auto manufacturers to suspend plans for a larger expansion.
An example is Daimler, who announced in May that he was postponing the increase
Capacity at a compact car factory in Kecskemét, Hungary.

"It was taken for granted that breeds such as Bratislava
It will continue to produce new generations of models, "said LMC analyst
Automotive by Carol Thomas. "But that can not be expected now. Companies
Not only will they have to fight for new models, but they will also face more
the new generation of models that already produce. "VW
Production limited to Bratislava and returned to the employees in which it is
Ready 2016, Hungarian Audi factory.

"This is an important year at the time of deciding the future of Slovak
the race, "said the general director of Volkswagen Slovakia Oliver
Grünberg. He added that the decision is waiting at the end of the year. "Improvement
The business environment in Slovakia could make it more attractive
Bratislava plant ".

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