Saturday , August 13 2022

Slovaks under 15 receive "canary" from Turkey,


Today 15:38

The Slovak soccer team in 15 years had a high match against Turkey's peers. For the second time, these rivals will meet on Thursday, November 15, at 11:00 in NTC Seneca.

SR 15 – Turkey 15 0: 6 (0: 4)

Goals: 20. Bostan, 30. Turk, 33. Jasšo (vl.), 40. Burak, 51. a 72. Kabadaj

EN 15: Lapos (41st hero) – Nemcek, Karafa (41th Mičuda), Jasšo, Toth (41th Kurej) – Gajdoš (41th Koos), Bednar (78th Sauer), Kukulsky (41th Mišovič), Repa (68th. Качут), Officer (55th Grig)

Peter Štefanak, coach SR 15 (source: "The result is cruel, during the match there were passages in which our game had solid criteria, half of the first half and 10 minutes after the break, as a result of individual errors, at the international forum punished by us and the Turks were leading them. technique and emphasis on what this player said was more trusted. All our players played and gradually mapped the breadth of opportunities in this age category. "

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