Monday , September 26 2022

Smer-SD is considering introducing 2% of parents' gifts to parents, says Erik Tomas


However, the law retains the possibility of donating 2% tax to non-governmental organizations.

Smer-SD is considering the introduction of a gift of 2% of the parental income tax. In this way, the coalition party wants to strengthen intergenerational solidarity. Erik Tomas, a member of Smeru-SD, posted his profile on the social network.

"I can confirm that we have been discussing in the party for a long time about the idea that working people can donate 2% of the income tax to their parents," Tomas said. Considering the time when young people start to earn, this measure would be particularly affected by the parents of retirement age or those who are close to them.

He acknowledged that, despite many measures, the amount of pensions remains unsatisfactory. Therefore, the elderly should be able to improve financially in this way. "In no case is the attack on the third sector, the law would retain the possibility of donating 2% tax to non-governmental organizations, but would give them the opportunity to dedicate their parents," the deputy said on the social network, adding that he expected a wide and interesting discussion on this topic .

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