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Star of the Baivatch series hated many women: What did she say?


The 90th year of Sekbombe shocked the Australian audience with its statement on #metoo movement and victims of abuse.

Pamela Anderson is known not only for her iconic role Cj Parker in the series baivatch, but also legendary titles in erotic magazines playboy and similarly.

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She settled?

In the last few years, it has become less and less heard, and after the turbulent times of its greatest glory, when scandals in the media almost every day, it has probably been decided to withdraw from the center and lead a peaceful life.

Still, quiet life is over – Pamela was a guest of the Australian negotiation, and her statements were really furious. When the reporter asked what he thinks about the #metoo movement, Pamela replied that she stopped her not only moderators, but also all viewers.

Shocking expression

"Feminism can go on – I'm a feminist, but I think the third wave of feminism is boring, I think the men are paralyzed. There are too many movements for me." Also known actress added:

"My mother taught me to never go to a hotel with an unknown person, and if I have a business meeting and someone opens my bathroom, I need to work with someone else."

The team is affected by the behavior of the victims Hervei Veinstein, which tortured many women who abused their productive career, and attracted initial actresses or models precisely in this way for working meetings in their hotel rooms.

The terrible reactions of the people have not been going on for a long time-apart from reading the ease and rationality of her words, as her commentary noted: "… and if you go to that room, do what you have and get a job." The actress only confirmed the views of viewers who saw this as an inadvertent discovery of her career.

She also laughed to say that these statements are unlikely to satisfy the audience, and Canadian is not politically correct.

Other audiences responded to her statement that #metoo paralyzed men with very sharp comments, and so – that a normal guy who has no evil intentions, a woman and a determination or the exercise of his rights has no reason to fear. They also pointed out that because of the choice of her violent partners, it is unlikely that she can ask …

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Source: Northfoto

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