Friday , May 20 2022

Successful return of Tomi "Kid" to the ring


The return of the Slovak boxer Thomas "Kid" Kovacs (41) on the ring was successful.

The 44-year-old Galantan on Sunday triumphed over Hungarian Andras Sulak at the Ondrej Nepel winter stadium in Bratislava, as part of the martial arts school MMA under the auspices of the KSFN.

Only the referees, who rated the Slovak veteran with more points, were determined to win the match. Tom "Kid" admits that the match was more technical-tactical, but it was not easy after two years without a competition.

"I was lucky that the match did not have a very high speed, we took six rounds in three minutes and I think it was a good performance after forty-four and I got a few sharp shots, he thought immediately after the court in Kovač.

He's sorry he did not manage to mess with KO. "There is a contrary watch against which my favorite front-lift is very difficult, and he came out several times, but I did not feel it would be there, and I wanted to see my rust, and for two years I did not get into the ring. I also felt it mentally, although I was completely focused on coming and I did not feel any nervousness, "he said.

The current president of the Slovak Boxing Federation (SBF) has won for the younger woman Sulak for the second time in the last ten months. He reiterated that although friends left the ring, there are chances of a friend among the sixteen.

"Right in the ring, he said we can have the third match because he already knows my weaknesses. He's the guy we've been friends for a long time, but we were not in the ring. We both wanted to win, "Kid said.

2009 VBF World Champion and European Champion 2011 in the semi-heavyweight category in the most prestigious version and one of the four most prominent VBO organizations did not rule out the fact that he still attended some meetings. "I never say never, I do not want to train, it's clear, it's part of my life, I like the game, and when it comes to the next challenge, I want to receive it and it is very important that my wife Dominic supports me, Tomas Kovacs said.

Before boxing, they were at Ondrej Nepel Elementary School for a combat program to combat combat troops. The evening of the KSNF was a mid-range duel among the Czech warriors Karlos "Terminator" Vemol and Mois Rimbon representing the United Arab Emirates. The Czech favorite was a "fool", and in the end he defended his role. "Terminator" triumphed with the unanimous verdict of the arbitrator. The Germans flew into the sword as a spindle, but gradually settled, and in the end, the 37-year-old Rimbon was better. It was not enough for him.

"I made one mistake, which made me the last round, but I can only help in the future, I can not only dominate, I have to learn to fight even in difficult situations, and this one was one of the toughest rivals I ever had. I'm the brilliant tactician who worked, I'm tired of it, and I checked the situation. It was enough for me to miss the last round, unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. But I do not see it tragically, I won and this is important, "said the 33-year-old warrior.

A former UFC player said he was very fond of Bratislava. "I'm very happy here, I felt like home, there was no difference compared to the matches in Pardubice or Pilsen, and there are excellent fans in Slovakia" a friend of the Slovakian player Leli Ceter, who is unwilling to return to the UFC. "I have fourteen victories from the other fifteen games I do not know what I can do to get back, it's a matter of time that I will have to win again, two or three times, and if not, it's obvious that I will come," added Vemol.

Among the Slovak delegates, Ludovit Klein was most attracted by coach Atile Vega, who defeated Arbi Mejid's unanimous decision and finished a series of seven victories. Klein's support was expressed in the immediate vicinity of the elite Slovakian country Patrik Vrbovsky. The popular boxing premiere is soon popular Ritmus – on December 27, he will fight against the Czech repertoire and thaiboker Marpa (formerly Petar Petrin) in the Prague O2 arena.

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