Sunday , October 17 2021

Tesla Sentry Mode will play a thief during a classic Bach robbery

Tesla electric cars will receive a new "Tesla Sentry Mode" feature. This is a system that uses automatic pilot cameras to "patrol" the vehicle environment. Elon Musk currently says that when a system detects unauthorized intrusions into the car, a song by Johann Sebastian Bach begins. So baha! ?

Not long ago Elon Musk announced that Tesla prepares "Sentry Mode" for their vehicles. The team responded to the initiative of one of the clients, to whom another driver scrolled model 3, leaving the scene of the crime. This is not an entirely new idea, since another client has suggested a similar feature in November last year.

And since Elon Musk announced that the beta version of the feature might be available for 2 or 3 weeks, Tesla might have worked before. However, Musk announces for the first time that "Tesla Sentinel Mode" will only be compatible with vehicles equipped with the supplemental automatic pilot system.

Later, however, he added that compatibility is not related to this extra standard computer. However, the vehicle must be equipped with an automatic 2.0 pilot.

"Dark alert" also in the metal version

Current Elon Musk writes via Twitter: "Tesla Sentry Mode will play Toccata and Fugue (and save Summer safe) during Bach's robbery." This is the classic work of the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who presents a "feeling" of terror and darkness.

He also added that the metal version of this song will also be played occasionally. With respect to the note in square brackets "keep the summer safe"It probably refers to a part of the cartoon series Rick and Morty in which a vehicle with artificial intelligence exerts psychological pressure or even kills people who try to inflict or threaten their crew. But we believe that Tesla does not go so far. ?

Improved anti-theft

Recently, Tesla has begun offering an additional security system for its Model S and Model X vehicles, improved anti-theft. It includes a motion sensor that is installed in the interior of the vehicle and that triggers a sound alarm when it detects the movement in the cabin or when the vehicle is moving or leaning.

However, this system requires an additional installation and costs $ 350. Also, it is not available for Tesla Model 3. Tesla Sentry Mode will be a free solution to be installed remotely through an OTA update. It will be available for all models equipped with Autopilot 2.0+.

sources: Elon Musk / Twitter, Electrek, cover photo: ABCnews

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