Thursday , October 6 2022

The actress Meg Rian has a brilliant novelty!


Meg Ryan (55) and musician John Mellencamps (67) first split up, but in 2017 they continued their romance. Now their relationship has moved a little further.

A few days ago speculation began to spread about whether they were engaged. At one of Halloween's parties, Meg brought a beautiful jewel on his ring that was unforgettable. On Thursday, an actress on the social network published a photo with a child's drawing, under which she wrote "Engagement!".

The couple began to be called in 2010, but after five years they announced a break. "I loved Meg Rian but hates me for death" quotes the words of John's desperate portal John Online at that time. The musician admitted that he acted like a child, he was wise and still complained about something. However, as they say, old love for rust and 2017 returned to each other again.

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