Thursday , May 13 2021

The Advanced Night Night Sight night mode reaches all Google smartphones

Because smartphones are getting better and have so-called smartphones "Professional regimes", in which a user can select values ​​of different parameters, deserves a number of other camera functions and applications pixels, which have one word of incredible camera. So far, no shooting mode has been available in very dark conditions. However, this will change in the near future and the night mode will be added.

Enjoy passionate photographers

Camera potential is on pixels gently disappears with the fact that the camera application has no manual mode. However, this can partially replace the new one "Night view", which is designed to create a night photograph. Consider the differences in the sample images below.

Photo with "Night Sight" (right)

"Night SigHT " not only will it reduce digital noise and improve sharpness, but also calculate the required shutter speed. This parameter is really important, but it will not automatically be perfect as a release, for example, 16 seconds. All updates will be received Google pixels, in the next few days.

An example of a photo taken with a 16-second exposure time (HTC U Ultra)

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