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The centralized purchase of hospital beds continues despite the earthquake from the court


The court turned one of the companies that wanted to compete, but the ministry turned it off.

November 6, 2018 at 19:50 TASR

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Bratislava. The Ministry of Health (MZ) of the Slovak Republic considers that the court's decision can not be applied in the case of a central purchase of hospital beds.

The court turned one of the companies that wanted to compete, but the ministry turned it off.

The company offered a tender for the court

His decision was confirmed by the Public Procurement Office (FVO), which Basco submitted to the Regional Court in Bratislava.

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He acknowledged the suspensive effect until he decides the legality of the IAB procedure.

According to a court ruling, suspension or withdrawal under the law of the court "suspends the effects of a contested decision by a public authority or public authority, and such a decision or measure can not be the basis for subsequent decisions of state authorities or public bodies of management."

The decision means that the IBA must wait for the final decision of the court, writes in a resolution available to TASR.

The company sought a suspensive effect, so "the illegal procedure threatens to lead to irreversible condition that would result in the conclusion of a contract with a surplus bidder, which would lead the country to significant financial savings that is the goal of transparent public procurement."

The IBO is acquainted with the decision of the court and is awaiting the final decision, said Janko Zvonček for TASR.

Bedding contracts are valid

As evidenced in the central registry of contracts, the purchase of beds is continued even after the court has ruled.

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For example, in October they published contracts for the purchase of beds for the National Institute of Cancer in Bratislava and Banskobistricky Faculty of Immunology with a clinic.

The court alleged that the framework agreements with successful bidders entered into force on June 12th and the court's decision of July was delivered on August 13th.

"At a time when the Ministry of Health objectively learned for the first time that legal proceedings were suspended, framework agreements with successful bidders were closed for more than two months and therefore we felt that the reasons for the suspensive effect were rejected in the meantime and the decision was not enforceable. as well as the LIBE Committee as an appellate body, completely removed the procedure of the ministry, "said Zuzana Eliašova, a spokeswoman for TASR.

The Ministry of Suspension refuses

Basco claims that the most profitable category of beds was won by a company that has never been interested in SR or has experience with the service in SR.

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She stressed that "exclusion was not due to the failure to fulfill the conditions of the specification, quality or other criteria, but because of the alleged failure to comply with the references".

The Ministry is questioning the ban on the purchase of beds.

He claims that he acted most prominently and in accordance with applicable laws.

"Although the lawsuit is not directed against us, our effort is to continue the process of adding beds to hospitals," Elias added, with the ministry considering that restoration of the bed was a significant step forward.

SAO also examines the tender for LIT

The central purchase of beds as part of the current inspection at the resort is also audited by the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) SR.

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He examines how the department meets the measures resulting from the previous inspection.

"The SAO has just recommended that the health care sector centralize procurement of medical devices and equipment to achieve more efficient and cost-effective management of public resources," TASR spokesman Marek Papajcik said.

Results are expected early next year.

In June this year, the Ministry of Health opened new beds for Slovak hospitals.

The central procurement process, which lasted more than a year, was to provide thousands of new beds.

The purpose of the ministry was to exchange a third of beds in this way.

New beds should be diverted between shareholder, contributory and budget organizations within the Ministry of Health, state-owned enterprises within the ministry and organizations providing public health care in Slovakia.

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