Friday , September 24 2021

The decision of the Constitutional Court is valid. Vaccines with the first dose should be quarantined

The decision of the Constitutional Court, which annulled part of the decree of the Public Health Office on the conditions of entry into Slovakia, was published in the Collection of Laws and therefore entered into force.

To date, the quarantine exemption after entry into Slovakia has ceased to apply to people vaccinated with the first dose of covida vaccine.

Until now, they could finish quarantine immediately after receiving a negative test result. Now these people have to go into quarantine and can finish a PCR test on the fifth day as soon as possible.

“In publishing the ruling, the Constitutional Court suspended part of paragraph 9 of the Decree of the ÚVZ SR No. 231 on a transitional provision for persons after the first dose of vaccine, which they completed on July 9. Initially , could end quarantine on the first day This transitional period was to apply until Monday 2 August, but with the publication of the ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic it ceased to apply on Saturday “. explained Marek Eliáš, from the communication department of ÚVZ SR.

The aforementioned exception was understood to be the resolution of the ÚVZ as a temporary one and its validity would expire on 2 August.

The Constitutional Court on Thursday posted the corrective ruling on its website and it was necessary to publish it in the Compendium of Laws for it to take effect.

The Constitutional Court suspended the first paragraph of paragraph 9, relating to persons who completed the first dose of vaccine on 9 July. The original resolution spoke of the suspension of the entire paragraph 9 of the said decree, which would also affect travelers and children aged 12 to 18 years. In the case of these groups, the provisions of the decree apply.

The Plenary Session of the Constitutional Court decided on Tuesday to suspend the effectiveness of the part of the Decree of the ÚVZ SR, which regulates the current regime at the borders. The decree was challenged by the opposition, its proposal was accepted by the court for the holding of new proceedings in its entirety.

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