Friday , March 5 2021

The name of the man who illegally imported an African tiger is known: a businessman with MEGA scams around his neck!

According to our information, this is a businessman Ján Kolozsi, who certainly does not spare misery. Still, he currently faces five years behind bars. His hunting passion was avenged. Without an import permit issued by the Ministry of Environment, he imported a catch from Slovakia (the jungle tiger) into Slovakia.

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Source: Slovak police

He then proudly displayed the animal in his home. However, according to the police, it was not only a presumed useless one, but was used to promote commercial activities related to hunting mediation in the said South African Republic.

The case is already being handled by police. Kolozsim faces one to five years at the base. He faces charges of violation of plant and animal protection violations.

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The employer was unable to demonstrate the method of acquiring the tiger. The total social value of the copy is 28,000 euros.
The name of the man you are

We know the name

However, it is known that these are not the first problems Kolozsi has in his neck. The portal Aktuality reported in the past that this man should belong to a group of Slovak “jeans”, businessmen who operate in southern Slovakia and trade in petroleum products.

Therefore, Kolozsi himself, along with other people, is accused of several cases of tax fraud. However, they did not arrest him. However, the actual searches made him boil, as the police had to find a valuable specimen of the tiger during these.

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