Wednesday , October 5 2022

The OS OS version H of the operating system improves not only the battery life


Recently, Google made the Vear OS smartphone operating system available in version 2.1. But already readi version called "H", which brings several significant improvements.

Battery saving goes to a higher level

As for batteries in smart watches, we often need to keep valuable percentages and not always easy. However, the battery cooker can help. And the one who got the "H version" of the upgrade.

When the battery is coming to watch under 10%, Watch it will only show time. Then, afterwards Half an hour of inactivity goes into a deep sleep. Both of these functions should be preserved and retain some of the backup percentages more than once.

The wearing OS version H brings improved battery life
The wearing OS version H brings improved battery life

Simplify application work and a new exclusion mode

You should also have several applications for using the wrist of your smart clock (assuming that it is Vear OS). A new feature that will greatly enhance your impression of use Smart App Resume (Smart Continuation in Applications). This will ensure that, if you return to the open application after a while, you can find it in the state that you last closed.

Last but not least Simplified shutdown I'm a smart watch. Now hold down the power button until you see the "Drop" or "Reset" option.

It's not yet known whether "H" will be available to your watch or not. Among manufacturers, only Fosil has confirmed that all touchscreens will reach. We'll see how it will be with other manufacturers.

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