Thursday , August 11 2022

The picture of a black hole seems even more fascinating when we approach it


A few days ago, astronomy impressed us with the first photograph of a black hole in space. Thus, a unique vision of this gravitational collapse has confirmed what scientists around the world have led to theories so far. Next to the first photo with The black hole also appeared in the Chandra X-ray imagewhere this space object is captured at a greater distance.

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Seeing the first photo of a black hole, the world was admiredThat the scientist finally managed to capture this mysterious object in the real image. Now it appears a new perspectiveNASA has announced at its observatory futurism. this However, the object of M87 is captured at a much larger distance and creates a perfect image from a new perspective.

Thank you now we can see another mass around the black hole. With the help of Chandra's radiography, they could NASA scientists also capture high energy particles around this objectthat arise due to the strong gravity and the magnetic field of the hole. these The rays are so large that they are up to 1000 light years away from the center of the galaxy, inform space.

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