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The secret of the dead Štaidl († 75) has been broken: another young lover … He slept with the minor daughter of a famous singer.

In addition to her talent, Štaidl was also known in the Czech show for being great lovers of beautiful women. One of his most famous relationships is that of the late Iveta Bartošová († 48). During her lifetime, however, many other ladies who are part of the Czechoslovak show business went through her arms. Many of them were published by Bartošová in his book He shouldn’t have been born.

There he also claimed, for example, that Štaidl had an affair with Dara Rolins in the distant past. And supposedly at a time when our singing diva wasn’t even an adult. “I lived a great love story with Darinka Rolincová at a time when I stopped sharing a bed with my wife. At first, the girl captivated me with a huge dose of musicality, then also with an unexpected sexuality.” Staidl himself once stated.

However, Dara denied his words, saying the spicy statements were revenge because she had stopped working with him. And it was said that it was the same for Bartošová, with the difference that he supposedly wanted revenge for his insulting words in the direction of his singing career, which was especially the touch of Dara Iveta.

Štaidl had an affair with the young daughter of singer Milan Drobný
The secret of the late Štaidl has been broken

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For now, however, another of his secrets has been leaked. Štaidl was to enjoy Michaela Drobná, the daughter of singer Milan Drobný. And that secret was made public again thanks to the book. “Lada was an extremely charming, charismatic and intelligent man. Anyway, one of the most important in my life.” revealed Michael herself in her new book The Third King Ladislav Štaidl.

Iskra allegedly jumped between them when Drobná was about 16 years old. “I think there we were arguing that he would come to see the concert, he gave me his number and I called him after a while. And we started meeting. It was a relationship that lasted twelve years.” Michael described.

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