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The Vinczeids again asked the child. Viktor's reaction was brilliant


Since Viktor and Adela are married, tabloids constantly ask for them when they have a baby. The news moderator of Televisió published a concise statute in November of 2017, explaining it.

He wrote abiertamente and very sincerely to the social network that was asked why
It should be just a question for a woman. The problem of fertility is he.
According to his words, his count of spermatozoa approaches the limit of infertility. a
The conclusion of the state invited other partners or spouses not to wait until now
when they want to have children.

They received this impertinent question at OTO again. Viktor's reaction was brilliant. When the editor asked when they would have a child, he asked when he would die.

"Is it difficult? Maybe. I did not say it the same way I did it. But you can not answer a question. However, there are more questions to which the company can look for answers. The only condition for a happy life? Does a child give a different social value to a person? Is he condemned to leaving things to power and not doing "everything" for that? We know our answers. And the important thing is that everyone can respond differently in their lives, "he wrote in the photo. Finally, he added with ingenuity, that once they had a baby, they would surely have very nice teeth.

Photo as a test.

Source: Instagram / viktorvincze

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