Wednesday , September 28 2022

Trapas, an imaginary move? Kate pulled out a very old part of her closet


She has proved again that she is a real giant! Warrior Cambridge attracted his attention in a non-traditional way.

The company's appearance in the same dress twice is still considered a kind of modern pretension that does not show the image of the elegant lady at all. In the world of famous tukedo, it is double and at first glance it may seem that even a strictly conservative British royal family in this respect is no exception.

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The exact opposite is true. The latest lovers of the Virgin Kate Middleton are convinced. She, along with her husband, Prince Villiam, appeared long ago in public and, as expected, made a lot of excitement.

Kate and William were gala dinner for the Tusk Conservation Avards award in London. As suggested, this event requires a strictly formal and maximally elegant costume. In the case of Villi, it was clear – the choice fell on a black butterfly suit. He was surprised by the clothes of his adored woman.

Duchess, which is increasingly popular with the Royal Court, is struggling with her son-in-law, Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, in the impressive green dresses of British designer Jenni Packham. If the following images are aware of their clothes, you are at the correct address. Kate had these dresses worn once.

This happened six years ago, in 2012, in the Biggest Team Lifts, which he visited as a pretty fresh baby. Despite the fact that she was dressed for so long, she looked really nice yesterday and was not a photographic history of her clothes, no one would notice that it was a model older than a few years ago.

So, Kate proved that she is fighting her fashion rules in her own way. And he decides to go out – what do you tell her?

See who she met last night and how she came to her:

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