Wednesday , October 27 2021

We will avoid a state of emergency by the end of the year, the prime minister says


Eduard Heger.
Photo: Lachkovič

In today’s show Na telo, Michal Kovačič spoke with Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) and also welcomed members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Juraj Šeliga (For People) and Erik Tomáš ( Hlas-SD).

Eduard Heger admitted on Sunday that the departure of the We Are Family movement would significantly weaken the coalition. The government would not only lose its constitutional majority, but would only have 75 votes left, or exactly half. In this situation, it would be almost impossible to push for larger reforms.

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“However, I never knew of Boris Kollár that he would like to leave the coalition,” Prime Minister Eduard Heger told the program. Veronika Remišová as ministers.

Thus, M. Kolíková would continue to head the Ministry of Justice, while V. Remišová would continue to be the head of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Computerization.

In response to the deteriorating pandemic situation, the prime minister ruled out putting the government in a state of emergency by the end of the year, as it had done in the previous two waves of the pandemic.

Erik Tomáš i Juraj Šeliga a Na telo.

Erik Tomáš i Juraj Šeliga a Na telo. Photo: Lachkovič

The moderator also welcomed Juraj Šeliga and Erik Tomáš

Vice President Juraj Šeliga and Hlas-SD Vice President Erik Tomáš also met on Sunday for the duel.

E. Tomáš described the newly created commission of experts, which seeks to deal with the war in the police and security forces, as inquisitorial and reiterated that, according to him, there is a continuous wave of arrests by political order.

J. Šeliga objected. According to him, when the opposition suggests that everything is managed by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Igor Matovič, he certainly does not.

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“You know Igor Matovič after all. If you really got something, you would have been locked up for a long time,” Šeliga told Tomáš, who was opposed by the vice-president of Hlas-SD.

However, Šeliga also stressed. That if Interior Minister Roman Mikulec does not quickly stabilize the situation in the police inspection and in the police, his position will be untenable. The opposition, led by Smer, has twice tried unsuccessfully to remember Mikulca.

The call to connect the voice and the direction, which came with the president of the direction Robert Fico, according to E. He did not mean seriously Thomas. “She’s an old political fox, she knew exactly what we had to say no, because why would we leave Smer? It was a problem,” E. Tomáš added. At the same time, however, he called on the opposition, specifically the Smer party, to “concentrate together with the Hlas party on the overthrow of this government.”

According to Sheliga, this government must persevere, although it also has reservations about some of its members.

“This coalition must persevere. We see what opposes us: the system, which lasted 12 years here, would return,” Šeliga added, referring to Smer’s previous governments.

Spectator vote

During the duel between Erika Tomáš and Juraj Šelig, viewers voted which of the two convinced them the most. After the debate, Erik Tomáš won, gaining 65% of the vote, and the remaining 35% was led by Juraj Šeliga. You can continue voting:

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