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We will not see the new PlaiStation 5 anytime next year. Sonny does not participate in the biggest E3 |


Company Sonny is prepared for fans of the game console from this manufacturer great surprise, but unfortunately, this time negative. Sonny officially confirmed that he will be at the beginning of the next year will not participate in the biggest E3 console for the game, on which game console manufacturers and gaming studios always present their novelties. Cancellation of participation can immediately mean several potential scenarios.

Sonny just has nothing to imagine

Perhaps the first and most logical alternative, which immediately comes to almost everyone. The reason for canceling the participation can simply be the fact that Sony should not offer its fans next year. Of course, new game names will surely come true, but Sony may not have titles for PlayStation in hand. Most of the predicted PlayStation titles have already been introduced and fans are just waiting to start selling. Together with these games, Sony could also introduce us to the new generation of console for the Plaistation console, but it does not appear to be happening. Performance of the strongest PlaiStation 4 Pro is currently more than enough, and it seems that the game industry does not change significantly in the coming year.

New ways to interact with customers

Another reason for canceling your participation can be a better and more effective interaction with your fans and clients. As stated in Sonia Interactive Entertainment, fans of PlaiStation are a company for everyone. "Sony is looking for imaginative ways to connect with the community," the company says. Sonny can seem irrelevant at a traditional conference, as most of the information is distributed over the Internet. This only makes the loss of money for spending on the E3 conference and similar "promo" can be created by the company itself.

Slow down the E3 conference

Not playing one of the biggest giants in the gaming industry can be considered a partial failure for the organizers of the largest E3 conference on world games that will be held early next year. E3 has always brought the greatest news to the world of games, and next year it will be significantly weakened. For 24 years, Sonny has "occupied" a large part of the congress center where the performance played in the game and play. However, it should be remembered that Sony is certainly not the first to decide. A slow withdrawal from conventional conferences was recorded five years ago when Nintendo just sent video spots to the biggest news presented at the conference. However, even a company like EA or Microsoft has chosen to withdraw from tradition, which each year reduces its conferences and stands.

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