Sunday , September 26 2021

150 young people rolled up their sleeves, wanted to go to school and be carefree #video

Pupils are in the middle of the school holidays and, a good month before the start of the school year, it is also requested that the maximum number of people over 12 be vaccinated. So far, just under 13,000 children have decided to get vaccinated. 7,200 of them are already protected with all the necessary doses. They responded to calls from parents with open vaccines for minors in Kranj. Today, 150 children have gathered there. The director of the local health center values ​​the response as good and calls on other young people to get vaccinated.

“They are especially concerned about the safety of the vaccine, which, in my opinion, has been demonstrated during the months we vaccinated, as there were no special side effects,” the director of the Kranj health center said during the current vaccination of adolescents. Lilijana Gantar Jura.

“It was not a difficult decision. I decided in such a way that there would be as many possibilities as possible to go back to school in the autumn,” said one of the young people from Kranj.

Today, 150 children have been vaccinated in Kranj, with whom they are satisfied. There will most likely be no vaccines open for children next week, but they will consider reopening the appointment in 14 days.

“I stress that all concerned can register for the vaccine with their pediatrician and then, with the help of a pediatrician, it can be done safely at the local vaccination center,” the Health Minister stressed today. Janez Poklukar. A group of experts will decide this week whether vaccination of children will take place elsewhere in the future without asking for orders, as it did today in Kranj.

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