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According to Domzale Triglav, Rudar # video also humiliated


In round 27, Prva Liga Telekom Slovenije stopped for the first time in Gorenjska, where Rudar managed to beat Kranjski Triglav with 4: 0. At 16.45 there would be a derby between Maribor and Domžale.

Triglav: Rudar 0: 4 (0: 2)

The end of the game!

91 minutes: GOOOL! 0: 4! In the end, the Triglavani got the same goal. Arlen's coat of arms sent the arms of Arken Jean Kumer.

Minute 68: Triglav's problems are even bigger. He had to leave the court after another yellow card Alls by Kristjan Arh.

51. minute: GOOOL! 0: 3! The miner is not stopped. After a good tribute to the ten of Rudar, Črnčič, made a good shot Milan Tučić. First, the ball was welcomed and then sent to goalkeeper Arko before defending Kumrov.

The blow of Tučića:

From the second part! Triglav coach They leave Doncic he made a change. He left the game Gašper Udovičand he came in Том Журга.

The end of the first part!

42. minute: GOOOL! 0: 2! Rudar drives 2: 0! It was a quick counterattack that started Milan Tučić, and he did not disappoint Leone Blackhead, but then found Škoflek, who pushed the ball into an empty net. Triglav received another 60th goal this season and took the lead from the team with the worst defense.

A quick counterattack and a second blow for Škoflek:

Minute 39: Finally, the domestic ones also were seriously threatened. After a good delivery to the center of the defense of Rudar, after great confusion, he shot Gašper Udovič, but it did so badly that in the end there was nothing.

A great opportunity for Triglav, but the rest is with the leadership of Rudar:

35 minutes: Ufff, a great opportunity for Velenje. Dominik Radić knocked the corner kick to Jalna Arka who was well ahead of the game and defended it quickly. Jean Kumer his shot broke. The rest is with the leadership of Minard.

Radic waited too long:

Minute 13: GOOOL! 0: 1! Rudar announced the extension of the Triglav negative series. After a good independent action, he scored completely Žiga Škoflek. This is his fifth goal in the season.

Knapi quickly said:

Start the game!

Probable message:

Domzale - Triglav


Domžale – Triglav: third part online



Twelve or one, anyway

Darko Milanic returns to the bench at Maribor.

Darko Milanic returns to the bench at Maribor.
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

The Derby of round 27 of the First League of Telekom Slovenije, the last one before the end of the fourth season, will be at Ljudski vrt. Maribor will wait at 4:45 p.m. in Domžale. Violets have a great advantage over tracers. Olimpija looks at them with a score of 12 points in the back, so the 15th crown smiled at the Maribor champions. Go back to the chair Darko Milanic, which had to accompany the final victory of Maribor in Krško (1: 0) due to the penalty.

& # 39; & # 39; If there are 12 or 1, we behave in the same way, and so we will continue doing it, "says the defense column Aleksander Rajčević, who played in the eight games in spring. He took the lead in front of Olympia, which can now increase to +15! The health status of the players improves in the Maribor camp; It will only be the young defender Luka Uskoković.

Ousman Juwara "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


Racism: every weekend we saw this in Slovenian football #video



Customers lose the funniest person Senijad Ibričić. He triumphed masterfully against Triglav three times, but he will not play in the city near Drava due to yellow cards. He received a yellow warning from the referee in the last four games! Return to the Domžale order Amedee Vetrichwho has paid the penalty but is still on the list of injured Leave Lazarević in They leave Milic. & # 39; & # 39; Maribor is in the first place for a reason, but we are not afraid of this challenge, "he said Shamar Nicholson, which scored nine goals this season. Will Maribor come even more?

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Who should be the first player of the Telekom Slovenije League? #video



The best goalkeeper in the league against Obradovic is unreliable

Goalkeeper Mure Matko Obradovic has been unstoppable for 374 minutes.

Goalkeeper Mure Matko Obradovic has been unstoppable for 374 minutes.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

The weekly program will begin at 2:30 PM in the Primary City. Celje and Mura will move, another important fight in the fight for a possible "European" quarter. With hosts coming out Rudi Požeg Vancaš. The occasional representative is the best goalkeeper of the First League of Telekom Slovenije. He has already achieved 14 goals, with maximum competition.

The yellow blue with a win at Velenje interrupted a shorter result of the crisis, since he only won two points in the first round, but they faced very strong rivals. This will be also on Sunday, since Mura has an exceptional series. In the last four rounds he won ten points with a difference of 9: 0, while still competing for the Cup final in Slovenia. Porter Matko Obradovic It has been unbeaten for 374 minutes, so the first league shooter will face an important challenge.

Kidricans in Stožice. This is not the last time this month.

The return to the position of the first coach of Olimpija, Safet Hadzic, already led the dragons this season.

The return to the position of the first coach of Olimpija, Safet Hadzic, already led the dragons this season.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

He runs Olimpija for the first time this year at Stožice Safet Hadzic. The retiree in a hot stool was in the fall by a short green and white coach. Then it turned out. Now he is offered the opportunity to achieve the goal and bring the Ljubljana club to three points in front of the aluminum, who plays in the spring in a variable manner.

The game will start at 5:00 PM, while the home team will disappear from the cards Goran Brkic in Jucie Lupetawhat wounds Nika Kapuna in Matica Črnica It means additional problems for Olympias in the attack game.

Safet Hadzic "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


The new wind took Olympia to the spirit of the famous Barcelona #video



Nejc Vidmar "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


Good news for Olimpija fans: it's not worse with the captain



This month, this dragon is waiting for another very important national duel with Kidričani. This will be a reverse semifinals game, on April 23 (Tuesday), which will defend the advantage of 2: 1. Favorites Oliver Bogatinova After the last match of the championship, when they beat Gorica with 3: 1, they went up to the fourth place they wanted, but in the attack everything is more dangerous Luke Stort.

Kolman's debut at the start of the derby

Nermin Bašić is dismissed from Nova Gorica due to modest results.

Nermin Bašić is dismissed from Nova Gorica due to modest results.
Photo: ND Gorica

The last action of round 27 will take place in Nova Gorica, where the roses will be presented with the third coach this season. Po Look Srebrnica in Nermin Basic, that did not celebrate in the spring, since Gorica took just four points in seven games, his previous assistant Sasha Colman.

The hosts will not be able to count on the aid of the Croatians due to the sanction Andrija FilipovicThe guests of Krško, who will need a little miracle in the last ten rounds to get a farewell, as Gorica will go up to nine points, will lose the first goalkeeper Mark Zalokar. Posavci was eliminated in the derby of the start in the Slovenian Las Vegas with the goal of welcoming the first victory under the leadership Andreja Panadic. Krško has not won nine rounds.

Gorica Miran Burgić Saša Kolman "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" kolman .jpeg


Gorica replaced the coach, the young Bosanec leaves the roses

Best Shooters:

14 Rudi Požeg Vancaš (Celje)
11 Rok Kronaveter (Olimpija), Luka Majcen (Triglav), Rok Sirk (Mura), Luka Zahovic (Maribor)
10 Jan Mlakar (Maribor), Andrés Vombergar (Olimpija)
9 Francesco Tahiraj (Aluminum), Milan Tucic (Rudar)
8 Dino Hotić (Maribor), Senijad Ibričić (Domžale), Rok Kidrič (aluminum / Olimpija), Shamar Nicholson (Domžale), Marcos Tavares (Maribor)

Planet 2. First League. Location of the program. First League Telekom Slovenije.

Prvigigaška events at Planet and Sport

In the 2018/19 season, you will be able to watch #PLTS in each round in a direct television broadcast on Planet and Planet 2 programs. Planet 2 will also be broadcast by Goeb! On Mondo at 8:00 p.m. to Goool !, by Dani Bavec. You can read more about match schedule HERE.

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