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Did you ensure that you do not pay 300 euros in fines?


You only have time until Thursday. Forgeting can cost 500 euros.

The blue vignettes with the year 2018 are only valid until Thursday. On February 1, cars on freeways must have vignettes in 2019, pink.

The fine for the use of a freeway without a valid bullet for a particular toll class is 300 euros. However, if the controller does not install the cartridge in the vehicle with its original sticker or if it changes or has intervened incorrectly. Reduces the effectiveness of the adhesive, the fine is 500 euros.

Sales for the year 2019 are on sale from December 1 of last year, and there are nine different types of vouchers for sale, prices remain unchanged.

Prices remain unchanged

The annual voucher for personal vehicles (toll class 2A) costs € 110, € 30 per month and € 15 per week. Motorcyclists (toll class 1) have to pay 55 euros for the annual voucher, for a semester of € 30 and for a weekly price of 7.50 euros. For combined vehicles and others with heights above the first axis more than 1.30 meters (toll class 2B), the annual voucher is 220 euros, monthly of 60 euros and weekly of 30 euros.

Supervisors of Dars | Author: Saša Despot

Sasha Despot

The cartridge is only valid when it is correctly installed in the vehicle. After removing the protection film, you must seal it inside the interior of the windshield so that it can be clearly seen from the outside. The label can not be placed in a place where the windshield is dimmed or in the side window of the vehicle. Before installing a new, preinstalled or invalid bullet, they tell Dars.

Make sure it is tapped

They advise drivers to check before installing if the cartridge is perforated on the correct date, since, in the event that it is not well punctured, publish only the cartridge without limiting the vendor. You can check the list of the Dars website about whether your vehicle may need a bullet for class 2B.

If the cartridge is damaged when it is installed on the windshield, or if the controller is in a vehicle that requires a 2B bullet, it involuntarily installs the annual vintage 2A or, on the contrary, it can be announced, only at DarsGo service from Ljubljana and Lopata stop. Before that, they should not try to delete them themselves, since the bulletin in which one of the security signs appears totally or partially can not be a complaint object, warns Dars.

In the first month of the sale of new vignettes, the Slovenian motorway manager sold bullets for the year 2019, which is about five percent more than in the first month of the sale of vignettes with Year 2018. Sales of 552,478 bullets are sold, five percent more.

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