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Djokovic is the first semifinalist, a card for another card

They are in Group A. Wednesday. played two semi-final matches. The first were Novak Djokovic and Aleksander Zverev, who were successful in the first two matches. The third mutual account was 6: 4 and 6: 1 in a row in a row, with a Serb who already secured the semifinals. In the evening, there was another bribe between Croatian Marina Čilić and American John Isner. After the change, Cilic celebrated 6: 7 (2), 6: 3 and 6: 4. The second passenger will determine the last two matches in the semifinals.

Wednesday, October 14th
Novak Djokovic (Srb) : Aleksander Zverev (Nem) 6: 4, 6: 1;
Marin Cilic (Hrv) : John Isner (USA) 6: 7 (2), 6: 3, 6: 4.

Novak Djokovic has already won five times in the final tournament and has started well this year when he won John Isner in the first match. This time, the unpleasant Aleksandar Zverev broke and fired the result in his joint struggles in his favor (2: 1).

In the second series, complete domination of the Serbs

Aleksander Zverev has vigorously started to fight against the first player of the world, in the first matches he won two opportunities to perform the service, but Djokovic saved twice. the first set was decided in the tenth game when Djokovic got a service match for Germany. In the following period, Serb played better and quickly showed in which direction the match would be overcome. In the second set, Zverev was twice withdrawn from the service game, led by 5: 1, and all suspicions about the final winner were resolved.

Serb has already won semi-finals with two victories. Today's entry into the semifinals will prevent Djokovic from just a smooth victory over Marina Cilic against John Isner (2: 0).

Marin Cilic was celebrated by John Isner.

Marin Cilic was celebrated by John Isner.
Photo: Reuters

Cilic wins second place in final tournaments

In the evening duel of the wounded lion, Marin Čilić and John Isner were wounded. Both the Croats and the Americans lost an open duel. For players, this was already the 14th fight, the better result is still Isner (8: 6) despite today's defeat.

For Croats this was the eleventh duel in the final tournaments, but it was just another win. The duo was better off by the American, who won the first set after an extended match, and then came the Croat, who celebrated after two hours and 14 minutes.

The other passenger who qualifies for Group A semi-final will be known on Friday, when he will be charged for Novak Djokovic and Marina Cilic, Aleksandar Zverev and John Isner. Despite two defeats at the start of the tournament, the American keeps the opportunity to progress among the top four.

Group A
Novak Djokovic (Serb) 2 victories – 0 losses
Alekander Zverev (Nem) 1 win – 1 loss
Marin Čilić (Hrv) 1 win – 1 loss
John Isner (USA) 0 win – 2 losses

Group B
Kevin Anderson (Jar) 2 victories – 0 losses
Kei Nisikori (Jap) 1 win – 1 loss
Roger Federer (All) 1 win – 1 loss
Dominic Thiem (Avt) 0 win – 2 losses

Tournament format
Players are initially divided into two groups of four players. Each group plays each of them, which means that each player has at least three duelings. The semifinals include the best two from each group. Semifinals winners then play big finals. Players play in two sets.

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