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FOR REAL WORK, taking responsibility for their actions, respecting the family, the environment and the people around them


He felt support for modest people, but he himself has the desire and will, and above all the courage to change to the needs of Koper. Because his life in his life is a decent job and takes responsibility for his actions, respect for his family, the environment and people around him, that will be his guide to work in the municipality.

You recently wrote on Twitter: "A new penalties for hunting fish in the Slovenian sea." What was the punishment?

For a penalty for fishing in the Slovenian sea, issued by the Croatian authorities. For now, I have to pay around 80,000 euros, and I'm still waiting for 30,000 euros in fines.

Why are you still condemned? Is not an issue already solved?

No, the thing is not solved.

We have a new government …

New? I think we're old, recycled.

Your name is Prime Minister Marjan Sharec already invited?

No, and no one else from his government contacted, fishermen.

ReIt was announced that Chancellor Angela Merkel offered assistance in resolving the border with Croatia, but it turned out that she did not even mention it at all. In your opinion, what will happen to the arbitration agreement?

What all media have already written. If I only remember the words of the President of the country when the arbitration agreement was signed: What a fantastic day! But it was for him, not for us, a fisherman.

Have things changed in the sea in practice?

This changed as soon as the Croatian police came as soon as possible. They only come to shoot us, and they go to Savudrija.

Why are you filmed?

Let's see the registration number of the vessel and send us the sentences later.

Talking to the new Minister of Agriculture?

We are not yet. I hope he will listen to us more, since I was a track somewhere, he is a farmer's daughter. I hope she has not forgotten her childhood. You know that some people get used to a better life and forget the source.

In your presentation, you said that you are older, those who have it still vitality and desire for change. Did you therefore decide to run for mayor of Koper on the SDS party's list? What do you want to change in Koper?

Hold on. I am the bearer of the list and I am running for the mayor of Koper. I want to change that, so that all residents and residents of the municipality of Koper are the same.

How it is?

In order not to function as a mayor, I am the first, then for me, the shadow, far behind anyone, and then the others that change if necessary.

What does Koper need? КакChanges?

I'll tell in our jargon that the set and color do not make a nice place. First of all, it takes a lot of work in the municipality of Koper and in the countryside.

You probably think it's obCaper is bigger than the city of Koper and is forgotten?

Yes. Development was not evenly distributed at all, everything was focused primarily on Koper oil, even at a place where the streets should be raised so that the villages could be revived in a different way. This can be done by symbolic rentals to revitalize the city core, because if you walk only on Kidric Street, which is considered the main street in the city, you will see that everything is actually closed.

It is now probably closed when there is no summer season.

Even in the summer. Then we can walk around the city. (And we are, almost empty city streets and mostly closed shops, etc.) The street, like Kidric, sometimes had a life, but today there is no more.

КакIs the structure of the urban population? Prevail older?

If I look around the whole city, it seems to me that this is a sleeping settlement, because people from Koper go to work elsewhere, to other places. There is a lack of jobs in Koper. Here, I see the possibility of doing something, not how Levica expelled entrepreneurs, but would attract them and enable them to create new jobs.

In which areas?

For young people, I see the possibility of building a technology park or incubator, where projects that provide high added value can be revived and enable young people to work. What the municipality has already promised. A business building, a kind of incubator for young people with ideas, needs to be built in order to start their own business with as much cost as possible. For entrepreneurs who already do business in Koper the same would be the same for all. If we look at catering facilities, we all need to do business under the same conditions, but not by the will of me as the Mayor. These conditions must be independent of the will of the Mayor, and there should be several life rules that would apply to all businesses in the municipality of Koper.

Luka Koper now provides jobs, if I understand it.

About Luka Koper, I have a personal opinion or question: Where would Luka Koper expand due to the impact on the environment and population of the municipality of Koper and the neighboring municipality of Ankaran? Its expansion must stop once, but not expand into the interior and the sea. Once we have to agree with the country about this, or we'll have a port in Zustern tomorrow or even Fat-rice tomorrow. Luke really hires people, but with low added value. Calls from the republics of the former state and poor countries of the eastern EU were called for arriving at the port.

He knows thatthe structure of workers at Luka Koper?

Yes. I am asking the following question: Is the market that covers Luka Koper, if I use a square kilometer, a good return for our municipality, or would you prefer to do other activities with greater added value on these areas? Would the return of the municipality be greater, would the salaries of the workers be greater? The working structure brings with it problems, such as the unemployed workers, their children. The municipality then deals with those people who are in a difficult financial situation in need.

Is the second time needed?

Yes, the second time to Divača, what from there? There are no routes for Austria and further to Hungary. Does it make sense to build such a rail?

Is competition for the port of Trieste?

Luka Koper can compete with Trieste only at low prices, such as cheap labor. I think we are no longer clever of them and we could compete with them differently, as is the fact that freight transport will be faster. When I drive to Ljubljana, I see that even the third highway belt is missing. If there is a traffic accident, there is a roadblock. But this is already in the domain of state infrastructure, which is quite funny against Koper. This vein should be yesterday, and not tomorrow, the third dog. We can compete. As for Luke Koper, I would just say that for me

It disturbs me because lead has brought coal. I think we should slowly give up this terminal, otherwise it will be our catastrophe disaster, as well as in the neighboring countries.

Why? How does this affect human health?

Yes. Due to particles of dust accumulated on land and at sea and affect human health. When the wind hits, especially the wrinkles and the south, the cloud of dust moves around this terminal. Looking around, everywhere is dust from coal.

On the one hand, Koper would like to be a health city, on the other hand, that's itwaves with Luka Koper.

Today, Koper is made for everyday tourists. I'm sure that we lack the accommodation facilities for hotels, hostels … Also in the countryside, in the hinterland.

Is it an unused market niche?

Yes. The hinterland of Koper is healthy, especially now that the road between Koper and Izola is closed to traffic, except for pedestrians and cyclists. This part of the coast can be well used for tourist purposes. But again we are facing the problem of the expansion of Luka Koper. If this goes forward, we are at the same level as the situation at the bathing place in Koper.

We mentioned Koper's hinterland. I realized that you recently visited the Koper marketA women's agricultural fair, in which farmers offered crops and produce from their farms. How does the participation of local communities from the yard with the city take place?

Koper is not just a waterfront, that's true. Farmers near the city are coming to the city market. Those who are far from coming here. But those who come here are rare. There is also a reduction in the standard of the population of Koper, because if I look at the market during the week, that's even less. There are three booths. Everyone waits on Saturday when all booths are full.

This is a sign that people are out of work …

Not only that. There is no demand because purchasing power falls. People can not afford fresh vegetables and fruits every day. I see it on the fish market. I'm often "sad" when I see that there are few customers in the week.

Of course, the fish is in youthe price of food.

Yes. Healthy food, organic foods have a higher price, and purchasing power falls. Let's go and see what kind of poverty is on the market during the week. (The conversation was held the previous Tuesday and we were convinced that in one hour the market of Koper was completely empty in the afternoon, only one lady removed the only position that we could still see.)

Well, a tourist can he sees the desperately decorated place. At least in my taste, I do not know about you. The current Mayor says he will leave Ljubljana from this port …

Some real. As I said, Koper is a one-day tourist. I'm surprised that the lights will be lit before the election, which will take the charm of Christmas and New Year's holidays. Let's be surprised.

Let's see still your program. What would you find?

Let me point out some concrete projects that will be carried out if I am elected mayor: finish the unfinished project of the pool complex, where the construction of a hotel with a congress center is planned. In the pool complex we set up a hockey hall. We also want to build a water park and a highway for those who want to put adrenaline in a safe way. They would set offroad tracks for field drivers and motocross tape on the periphery of the municipality, where people will not be upset. We would organize fishing eights and open wine cellars and inns with local culinary offer. In the old town district, we want to attract dealers of high fashion brands and the city of Koper to change. i. Exit center in terms of existing abroad. This would fill empty spaces and enable the sale or renting of these spaces in the city center and the revitalization of the city. We would keep annual events and increase the number of events in the city to at least one monthly event throughout the year, related to the season and our environment. We will build a passenger terminal in cooperation with Luka Koper. We would build a broadband internet network in all local communities. Also, a part of the coast from Koper to Zusterna would be organized on the beach and recreation zone, which will include a puppy beach and another tourist offer. Completely renovated the beach in Žusterna and Mulet, and at the same time organized a macadam park in front of Žusterna.

But these are concrete suggestions …

Yes. They would also take care of an economically viable municipality, setting up an additional truck terminal on the outskirts of Port of Koper, which would free the city core of the truck. More money would be devoted to repairing and maintaining the road network in the hinterland of the city municipality of Koper, which would affect the development of tourism, accessibility, higher fluctuation … More attention would be paid to small s. p. and d. about. o, such as subsidized lease of municipal premises. They would provide funds for energy rehabilitation of buildings and cheaper heating for biomass and / or heat pumps, solar collectors. At Pomjan, which has an excellent location and view, they would arrange a viewing tower, which would become a magnificent tourist attraction, and the view from it would arrive from Umag to Umag. He hit Badaševica with Tomos and organized some new extra bindings for citizens. We will also reduce the cost of municipal bins for local residents, arrange a botanical garden and a park for dogs. Much concern will be devoted to rural development and more resources will be allocated to local communities.

How to win the current one Mayor?

I'm going to the polls to win. In the elections of the National Assembly, I also went to the victory and I won, but because of the proportional electoral system I am not in the parliament, which is quite absurd. I will do the same as for the elections in the National Assembly when I go from door to door. People accepted it well. I think this time will be the second round of elections.

Is cooperation with dris important?

For me it is important what I give to the inhabitants of the municipality of Koper or what the state takes away from them, as is the case with factories Tomos and Cimos.

In these cases, is this a case of privatization and theft of wild property?

I will say that I do not want to have other phone numbers other than the president of the party and to "divorce" for the job. I would always look at what is right for the country, for our people, but do not go to the store "give me down". This in the end does not give the right results.

There is athe problem of Koper against illegal migrants?

There are problems with transitional illegal migrants, yes.

Would you build a center for illegal migrants?

Of course not. Nowhere in our municipality. I am concerned that they are planning to build it in the neighboring municipality of Ankaran, on one of the most beautiful parts of the Slovenian Littoral.

КакIs your password a candidate for the mayor?

The password is the same as the password of our client: I will work for the tenants of the city municipality of Koper. For everything, not just for some.

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