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For the second time, the Slovene was named the best wedding photographer in the world #foto

The renowned Slovenian photographer, who specializes in wedding photography, received exceptional recognition from his colleagues in the guild.

Photographer Only Rowan He added another notable success to the series of awards he has already collected in his career: the Brazilian photography organization Inspiration Photographers, which brings together wedding photographers, relatives and portrait photographers from 48 countries, named him the best wedding photographer of 2020

Emotional bride after the wedding ceremony in Campidogli (Rome, Italy).

Emotional bride after the wedding ceremony in Campidogli (Rome, Italy).
Photo: Samo Rovan

Rovan took first place in the selection with up to 23 awards for individual photographs and eight for wedding stories (20 photographs from a wedding). For the second time in his career, he became the best wedding photographer in the world and, in 2015, received the title of the American organization of wedding photographers WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association).

See more award-winning photos in the gallery:

Wedding history (Gualdo Cattaneo, Italy)


Wedding history (Gualdo Cattaneo, Italy)


Despite the rain, the bride arrives smiling at the wedding ceremony (Ashford Castle, Ireland)


Wedding guests go to a wedding party at Ashford Castle (Cong, Ireland)


Final instructions for staff before the wedding dinner (Ashford Castle, Ireland)


Wedding dress caught during a wedding dance (Paris, France)


The bride wipes away tears during the exchange of wedding rings (Vienna, Austria)


A naughty wedding party steals the wedding cake (Slovenia)


Flying bubbles in front of the bride’s face (Paris, France)


Events after the wedding ceremony (Le Castellet, France)


Arrival of the groom and his companions (Hong Kong, China)


A moment of calm during the wedding photo (Lepena, Slovenia)


Passionate kiss at the Zemono mansion (Slovenia)


Pair of deer (London, England)

Wedding photographer with photojournalist vein

Samo Rovan, winner of this year’s Inspiration Photographers scale, is from Primorec, a resident of Ljubljana and professionally dedicated to wedding photography for 14 years. She has a recognizable style of wedding photography, which moves away from the standard photographs in which the bride and groom pose, as she began her photographic career as a photojournalist, otherwise she completed her architectural studies.

Just Rovan, wedding photos


Only Rovan, Oscar winner for wedding photography

Photographs weddings around the world, also lectures at international wedding photography conferences and conducts photography workshops. With the latest achievement, he reiterated that he would like to especially thank the couples he photographs and who have been his biggest inspiration from the beginning.

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