Wednesday , September 28 2022

Has Karleusa had a nervous breakdown in the scandal?


Jelena Karleuša, one of the most famous Serb turbofolk singer, is married to Serbian soccer player Duško Tošić, with whom he also has two daughters, and his law is threatened by a scandal that echoes the Balkans. The scandal also affected her health.

As we have already written, the Serbian singer Jelena KarleusaHe found one of the most important scandals in Serbia. She sold her husband with a younger soccer player, who sold his nude pictures to the Serbian yellow medium, and although he claimed it was a lie, the ground was seriously bothering his feet.

The Serbian media now write that her husband, Duško Tosić, is already considering divorce and has already called a lawyer, but the latest videos published by the singer in the history of Instagram show the image of a happy family: the singer is currently with her husband and her your children in china.

Meanwhile, the day comes even more details about his scandal. He wrote that the star had even arrived at the hospital because of the issue. Because, when loads of photographs were made to the public, he was supposed to confirm that he deceived him, he suffered a nervous breakdown. Jelena was supposed to be in the studio of the time and was preparing to record a popular Serbian program Stars great, in which young singers compete.

When he found out about the photos he published, he went home, but because he could not reconcile himself, he was transferred to the hospital where he prescribed the therapy and the rest.

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