Tuesday , October 19 2021

HOROSCOPE: The full moon will bring challenges, the bike expects a strong confrontation



It will be much easier to take the next step than you think. Your focus will be more on making commitments and finding common solutions, which will strongly motivate you in the next period. This is a good start for quality collaborations.


Even if you feel strong, capable and ready for anything, a strong confrontation awaits you this week. It will be you who will bring it to the forefront and you will have to prove your truth. The answers will be anything but friendly, so be careful.


He will not have to wait and, moreover, circumstances will favor him more than he thinks. Unfortunately, the initial joy won’t last long, but you’ll get important information below. You will remember it very well, but you will not be fooled.


The full moon poses special challenges for everyone. Because this is your ruler, you yourself perceive their influences in a special way. This time, you will be faced with the decision of whether emotions or reason. Fighting in all areas will really push you forward and you will overcome it all.


The full moon will also accompany you in the fall and impose some additional obligations on you that you will not be very happy with. In fact, many things will not be clear to you, which will make it difficult for you to make decisions. This time be more observant.


Good relationships bring more beauty and bad relationships don’t even last long. You yourself are aware that, as a human being, no one is perfect and that sometimes the days are better and sometimes worse. At the beginning of the week, you’ll quickly realize what supports you and what doesn’t.

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A varied week awaits you and, in fact, you can look forward to everything that will happen to you. Because of your commitment, which you currently have even more, it will be easier for you to deal with it all, even if you personally don’t like it. You will set boundaries.


You may feel that you are lost in your path and that your strength is waning. In fact, you have introduced a period in which you will be required to operate with lower plants to maintain the level of functionality. You will fight very well this week.


Being in good condition is worth a lot, especially if we can take full advantage of it. You’re still repeating and complementing your lessons, which you haven’t been able to master before. In the early days of this week, you’ll make a good deal to build.


It’s nice to have support, but it’s even better if you get a chance to achieve your desired goals that way. This week you will take a step forward and you will be able to prove to yourself above all that years are just an excuse. Without much effort, you will get everything you need.

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He does not recognize certain things and will not accept them this time either. As long as you prove who will be waiting for you, you will quickly start with a competition or an opponent and complete this chapter. You will have the support you need at all times.


It will be time to explain everything you have learned in the last few days. You will need to navigate through memory and think carefully about where the answers are hidden. The start of the week is very favorable for you and will continue with this energy for the next few days.

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