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"If there was no new record, something would be wrong"

"I am anxious to fly, I will register, my longest distance is 143 meters, and if there was no new personal record at the end of the week, there would be something wrong (laughing, op), we are not afraid , I'm in a good shape and ready "an 18-year-old jumper Timi Zajc prepared for the first flight of his career, which he first jumped to Japan for the first time at the end of the week.

Gorazd Bertoncelj


Peter Prevc is not yet ready, Bertoncelj requires respect for the airport #intervju




The Slovenian salt camp mostly returned from the rising sun's land with positive impressions. In Sapporo, Gorazd Bertoncelj is the best protected during this winter Timi Zajc For the first time in his career, he finished between the top three, who were often close to him this season, but he always walked away from the week.

Timi Zajc


Zajc against the novelty without fear, for an unknown flight #video

It's just a matter of time

"In many competitions, I've been close to the stage after the first series, but I've failed. I've already achieved it. I have achieved a great goal to jump in my life to make it easier", said Zajc after a brief return to his country, who did not want to be rescued with the first step in the scenario.

"With the steps, I almost did not fall on my shoulder, because I never wanted to carry a backpack. It was true that this year was very constant and jumped very well, it was between ten, which was very good for me. when everything coincides with me. I am now so hopeful that I will enjoy the best of the season at the end of the season. Although it does not have a result, I will not disappoint you, "says an 18-year-old player who took the highest jump- Skiing like the first bridge born in this millennium.

Timi Zajc jumped to the stage (video: Planet TV) as the first jumper born in this millennium:

Zajce is glad that his colleagues from Japan returned with a satisfaction result: "At the team we make no difference, we are all equally important, so it is very good if each match is more for Points. This is an advantage for the team, because it has a positive impact on all ".

Primoz Peterka


Primoz Peterka rescinded the contract with the SZS. Go to Turkey.




Anže Lanišek is satisfied with consistency.

Anže Lanišek is satisfied with consistency.
Photo: Greek Valančič / Sportida

Lanišek is based on the constant

A more constant year Anže Lanišek, which took places 16 and 11 in Sapporo. "All Japanese did well, we did not show anything in the qualifications, we added something to the race, and the first Sunday jump was a success, I got up and in the other one I made a mistake I am satisfied with my constant, I say, since I came from Innsbruck, I think that this is the only way to continue, but, for nothing, I know I can be right. I have always followed the steps , but if I do not reach the goal, I do not disappoint. " The last time, Lanišek was satisfied.

Anže Lanišek on expectations (video: Planet TV):

Slovenian crew for flights to Oberstdorf

Head trainer Gorazd Bertoncelj will have seven jumps in the summer of the week. Zajc, Lanišek, Anže Semenič, Jurij Tepeš, Žiga Jelar, Domen Prevc and Tilen Bartol travel to Germany.

Tips still come

Skippers will fly for the first time this weekend for the first time in the season, between Friday and Sunday in Oberstdorf waiting for three games at the airport. For Zajce, this will be the first summer of a race. "Last year I have waited to be able to go to the giant, but I did not have a green light. There was a bit of a disappointment at the moment, but now I will compensate", the youngster of Hram is pleased to fly and a new personal record

"I only have to" survive "the first jump. Nobody knows, maybe it will be very good, but maybe I will not find it at all," Zajc says before the first flight.
Photo: Sportida

"I am looking forward to flying, I will register, it is currently my longest distance of 143 meters." "If there was no new personal record at the end of the week, something would be bad (laughing, op., And I'm prepared for the plane. I did not get any advice before the first flight, but I think Friday I'll do something "before the entry to the world of the flight is considered by a teenager not to set the weekend goals.

"I have no goals or expectations. I only have to" survive "the first jump. Nobody knows, maybe it will be very good, but I will not find it at all. I will show the best jump and then we will see which city will be."

The first individual test in Oberstdorf will be on Friday at 4:00 p.m.

World Cup, Oberstdorf:

Friday, February 1st
14.45 ratings
16.00 individual match

Saturday 2nd of February
14.45 ratings
16.00 individual match

Sunday 3 February
14.30 degrees
16.00 individual match

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