Saturday , August 13 2022

It is about Plaktat about the issue of the media crisis


Ljubljana, April 12 – The TAM-TAM institute, in collaboration with Radio Student, announced the 12th international competition for the creation of a city poster on the subject of the media crisis The current Plaktasat draws attention to the problem of media content that degrades journalism and invites creativity and activation of people. Requests are collected before May 10, reports by radio students.

The winning poster will be printed and publicly announced at 500 TAM-TAM posters in Slovenia. They will be applied to the parties of the competition of the festivals of the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF and the Brumen Slovenian Design Biennial.

The media are in serious crisis. The amount of media is increasing, there are increasing explanations of the surface and content of low quality. The digital revolution has placed the credibility of the media in the goal of market success. In online journalism, successes have a click on a contribution or tastes on social networks. More content becomes an important presentation. As news more and more, in some cases even exclusively, they control through social networks, the "media crisis" is topical as never before, they wrote in a press release.

The radio student opens the topic of the media crisis because they are convinced that, without well-informed and critical people, it is not well-written. Without the interesting public, there is no need to deliver media. "Therefore, we feel the responsibility and the need to invite each of us to a more active position," Radio Student said on the topic, adding that it was no accident that this day was launched on 3 May, the World Day of Freedom of the Press.

According to Tomaž Drozg, leader of the project, we all have to have a critical stance and feel responsible for the landscape created by the media. The Plication mission is to draw attention to the problem and activate each individual to contribute to a healthier and more common environment, he added.

Creators are invited, both individuals and agencies, to participate in the design of the poster. Creative solutions should request action. The poster must include a "call-to-action" associated with activation through #fastfoodnote. The competition request is free. This year's news is through the electronic application form. More information about the competition at You can obtain additional information about the competition through the email [email protected] until May 3.

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