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Joker Alcacer has decided to derby in Dortmund


Paco Alcacer is real from Lucien Favre's sleeve. This season he scored eight goals. Photo: Reuters

Marko Reus was again Borussie's motorbike. In the second half he was unstoppable. Photo: Reuters

Robert Levandovski shook the network of former conquerors twice. After 95 minutes, the referee signaled a penalty hat trick but the ball went wide. Photo: Reuters

Borusi's great joy over the "yellow wall". The fans are already singing songs that have not been heard in the last six seasons. Photo: Reuters

Karl Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness received loud whistles when they left Westfalen. Bayern's president jumped high in the air with both Levandovsky and one of his fans was rude to him for beer. Photo: Reuters

"Football is not just for big clubs!" The fans of both clubs are against the great league of big clubs. The documentary film at ARD about plans for a new elite club competition has raised a lot of dust. In Germany this is the main topic last week, because the Bundesliga has a long tradition, and fans regularly charge big stadiums. Photo: Reuters

Alassane Plea scored a hat-trick at the Vesper Stadium in Bremen. The 25-year-old French striker is the top scorer from the Bundesliga with eight goals. Photo: EPA

He chose a request for a hat-trek in Bremen

November 10, 2018 at 18:30,
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Dortmund – MMC RTV SLO

"Der Klassiker" at the Westfalen Stadium also impressed with demanding football enthusiasts. Borussia Dortmund beat Baiern 3-2 with an extraordinary game in the second half. Black and yellow have already seven points in front of the champion series.

For the first time since April 11, 2012, Borussia was on the bench in front of Bayern on the derby. The hosts remain undefeated, they returned two times after the delay and are in a great position in the title fight. Tactical fox Lucien Favre froze again, in the second half of the match sent by Mahmoud Dahu and Paca Alcacera who set the scales on the side of Borussia.

In the last six seasons the Bavarians were a class for themselves, the championship was decided after the autumn period. Niko Kovač took over the team that is the oldest in the Bundesliga. Almost all the players of the match played in the Champions League final on May 25, 2013, when Baiern beat Borussia 2-1 on Vembley.

Without injured Arjen Robben, Corentin Tolissoi and Kingslei Coman showed the best performance of the season in the first half, while in the second part they were released and the pressure on Kovač will only increase. The head of the defense, Mats Hummels, had a flu, but he nevertheless started the match and in the second half made some fatal mistakes.

Neuer prevented Borussia's lead
From the first minute the Bavarians took the initiative, which was very motivated. They got most of the matches in the middle of the field. Tim Favre's ability to concentrate on attacks on the center rather than on the wings. Marco Reus scores for the team of Manuel Neuer. He chose a 15-meter shot with his right foot but was not precise enough, and the German national goalkeeper had a lot of blending.

Levandovski is again precise against the former conquerors
Bayern controlled the course of the match and earned 26 minutes. Serge Gnabri should have scored a goal from one side, but Levandovski shot it. Marvin Hitz could not do anything to stop him.

Ribery, who had not found the right form for the last two months, was highly motivated. Trudil was also on the right and prevented the counterattack from slipping, but in 33 minutes left the left side, but Hitz was in the right position. The hosts could be very satisfied with the minimum delay on vacation.

Reus got the hardest punishment and bought it
Favre found the right words on vacation. Dahuda sent the game and the picture on the greenery turned completely. 49 minutes into the game, Jadon Sancho came through the middle and almost added to his team's lead, but the shot went wide. Manuel Grafe immediately pointed to the white spot. Captain Reus correctly sent Neuer in the wrong direction and announced the completely different face of the leading Bundesliga team.

Only four minutes later the Bavarians responded. Serge Gnabri was led by Joshuo Kimmich who sent the ball in front of the goal, and Levandovski removed his head from the vicinity of his head. The Bavarians lost the match in the middle of the field and were under heavy pressure. After an hour of play, Sanchezo hit the right and walked in front of the door, where Reus had already deceived Neuer, but Kimmich broke through the goal. The defender rejoiced at the attack by the attacker.

The hosts flew green
At the crucial moment, Favre sent Paca Alcacer into the game. Spaniard had a chance to score in the 62nd minute. Sancho left Hummels far behind, hit Neuer, and Alcacer failed to stop the ball before the empty door, Boatengu still managed to intervene, and then Jakub Bruun Larsen broke through the door.

Alcacer wisely decided on the match
67 minutes into the match, Lukasz Piszczek came through the middle and almost added to his team's lead, but the shot went wide. Borussia's race continued. Riberi almost scored after a counterattack 72 minutes into the match. Reus won Akla Vitsla from the fifth, which is to the right in Alcacer. Spaniard fled for a forbidden position and lobal Neuer for 3: 2.

Levandovski is in a banned position
In the last quarter of an hour, Baiern tried to push. At Hitz's door, it was just hot in the five-minute referee's addition. In the 95th minute, Kimmich on the right-hand side comes out in front of the goal, Levandovski with a five point redirects the ball into the net. The Referee promptly raised the flag, as Pole was in a banned position.

Reus: In the second half you saw a real Borussia
"We started playing real football only in the second half. It was true Borussia. After I leveled with 2: 2, I felt that we had much more energy than a competitor and that we could use it. Our coach has a real feeling in mezzanine. He always sends real players in the green, "he was the best Reus game player.

Hummels: In the half, you should stay in the wardrobe
"Today I woke up this morning and I felt like I was cold. We talked about this as a great game and I found myself in the first place. For half an hour, I did not feel well. You should stay in the wardrobe. I take responsibility for mistakes in the second half. I did not have the right reaction, I escaped from power, "Hummels is dusty ash.

Kovač: We deserve a point
"It was a fantastic game. In the first half we were much better, and Borussia took the initiative. The hosts have extremely fast players who beat us in the second half. I am satisfied with the game on the wings' positions. Too many times we tried to combine in front of our own doors, the ball should go far to the opposite half if you have the advantage. We deserve a point. This was our best performance in the last two months. I expect that we will continue this way. Seven points are a big backlog, but we can still make up for this, "Kovač said.

Favre: Bayern's introductory rhythm is too high
"Bayern was much better in half an hour. We never got to the ball. Their pressure was great. This year they did not play so well. I knew their rhythm was too high. So you can not withstand for 90 minutes. I waited for them to fall. Fortunately, at least we were halfway. In the second half we played a lot. In equalizing with 2: 2, I believed in three points, added Favre, who still does not want to predict the title.

Round 11:
BORUSA (D) – BAIERN 3: 2 (0: 1)
81,365; Reus 49./11-m, 67th, Paco Alcácer 73; Levandovski 26, 53.

Borussia (D): Hitz, Piszczek, Akani, Zagadou, Hakimi, Vitsel, Veigl (46./Dahoud), Sancho, Reus, Bruun Larsen (82./Delanei), Gotze (59./Paco Alcacer).

Baiern: Neuer, Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels (66./Sule), Alaba, Javi Martinez, Muller (82./Vagner), Goretzka, Gnabri (74./Renato Sanches), Riberi, Levandovski.

Referee: Manuel Grafe

Maina 31., Bebou 63. 11-m; Veghorst 82./11-m

Kramarić 65, Nelson 83 .; Finnbogason 69.

VERDER – BORUSSIA (M) 1: 1 (1: 0)
Sahin 59; Reply 39, 48, 52.

FREIBURG – MAINZ 1: 1 (1: 0)
Sallai 72 .; Gbamin 6, Mateta 18, Onisivo 75.

Usami 50, Hennings 63, Raman 84, 92; Selke 88.
RK: Mittelstadt 41./Hertha

Baumgartl 68th, Thommi 82.

Sunday at 15.30:

At 18.00:

BORUSSIA (D) 11 8 3 0 33:12 27
BORUSA (M) 11 7 2 2 26:13 23
BAIERN 11 6 2 3 20:14 20
LEIPZIG 10 5 4 1 19: 9 19
HOFFENHEIM 11 6 1 4 24:15 19
EINTRACHT 10 5 2 3 23:13 17
VERDER 11 5 2 4 19:19 17
HERTHA 11 4 4 3 16:17 16
MAINZ 11 4 3 4 10:12 15
AUGSBURG 11 3 4 4 19:18 13
FREIBURG 11 3 4 4 15:19 13
VOLFSBURG 11 3 3 5 15:17 12
BAIER LEVERKUSEN 10 3 2 5 16:21 11
SCHALKE 10 3 1 6 8:12 10
NUERNBERG 11 2 4 5 11:24 10
HANNOVER 11 2 3 6 14:22 9
FORTUNA D. 11 2 2 7 10:25 8
STUTTGART 11 2 2 7 8:24 8

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