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Jordan Peterson in Ljubljana: "You decide!"


Anyone who passed this afternoon behind the Economic Exhibition Center could have thought that pupils or fans of some kind of entertainment activity were gathered. Of almost two thousand grand, the younger ones prevail and people. But everybody was waiting for a university professor of psychology who does not talk about life as happiness, pleasure, or even fun, but on the contrary, life suffers, but it must be significant.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, who became a famous lecture at Ioutube, where he bought millions of dollars of audience. When his second book was published early this year 12 rules of life: antidote to chaos, has become an international celebrity. Even with us. This time he was on a European tour, and when he arrived in Ljubljana, he first went to a country that used to be an iron curtain, as he said at the beginning. This fact was noticed in the morning when hosts, the publisher of the Family, who published their book, took on various specific markets.

Peterson told the audience what he had been thinking about in recent years. He was thinking about totalitarian systems, left and right, and in them, above all, the reasons why people are ready to carry out the most cruel words. He dealt a lot with Solzhenitsin, who inspired him.

Peterson also has a large audience in Slovenia, especially the younger generation.
Photo: Jure Erzen

The truth that can not be denied is Peterson's pain. Even all the great religious traditions lead to suffering as a fundamental truth, he said, and this is the source for him who defines the world. There are two realities: suffering and evil. And what does he do after his salvation? A combination of courage and truth. This is a repetition of the old religious idea that people act as moral beings. Get into conflict with the reality that surrounds you. You know that heavy choices are running, you can pick up a shortcut or a difficult path and decide. We do everything based on moral decisions. It is possible that he invited a bunch of Petersen to deal with the world in spite of suffering and to do something good. "You decide!" He turned a pessimistic view of the individual's responsibility and suggested that people discover the nobility and the power to endure suffering without handling it.

Peterson also answered questions from the audience, which were collected during a special application lecture.

Let's say how to talk to people who are convinced in the theory of the radical left. Peterson was direct: by example, for example. "While you are talking with a set of current ideas, it's hard to convince them because they do not listen. Best show your life."
People often do not get to that point because they do not work, he added. The psychotherapist also does not give advice, but helps them find out. "Everything that humanity has achieved in the past is in you, but it will not come out if you do not try. You look in the mirror in the morning and say: I wear this load, and that's the beginning."

Asked if he would relocate with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek (who quickly popularized the Canadian author in an empty city on the left), he was immediately "organized and coming". The audience was enthusiastic. When asked why nostalgia for communism is prevalent in post-communist countries, he simply replied, "When we do not accept responsibility for a new form, let's be okay and do something, we are nostalgic and we want a close ignorance from the past."

In it he mentioned the program of self-creativity that started with his students and in which you plan your life in the future. "If you are looking at a target, you have more chances to guess." Asked about the role of man in the 21st century, he was told: "This is the call of adventure. The bigger the better, the more you have to be respected, the upright people will not wonder what their role is." Solve the problems! You need a reason, a sense of advancement ! "

As many people said yesterday in the lobby of the exhibition center, Peterson's power is precisely that discourse that did not exist before. He is talking about things that are sensitive, but they need to be discussed, Uroš and Vrhnik said. Sebastian of Kranj, who was waiting on the map just before the entrance to the hall, was a fascinating Canadian professor with a thesis that man must have to upgrade.

Psychotherapist Maya from Ljubljana, who also runs a quality relationship with his wife, also uses Petersen in his professional life. "Things that make sense to them, they can interpret each one in their own way, but not always in the first experiment, they need to be explored." Critics flying to Petererson see themselves as fear, fear, because we do not want to change or accept something in ourselves. Zdenko from Smlednik impressed the last chapter of the book, in which the author speaks of suppressing his daughter's illness and finding the meaning of life; how a man must be strong and find a sense even when everything is sucked. Most interlocutors expected extra strength from the lectures, which they would be able to rely on when they find it difficult.

Tone Rode, director of the Publishing House, described Peterson's recipe for success in the following way: "People felt they touched their inner tissue. All books speak of happiness, peace, reconciliation and suffering, of the truth of the sinful world, and understand its role in it. The story of the meaning of life, how to make something typical of everyday life one from the other and the other. "

Rode also points out that the author speaks in a language that modern man understands, in short, to address people who are thirsty. The publisher contacted the author two years ago, so the translation into Slovenian was in fact one of the first translations of the book. Four repetitions pass, the heel at the door, the new author's book follows in a year.

However, after Peterson dropped the ball on them to prepare for a meeting with Zizek, they did not ignore them. "If we prove that we are capable of the highest level of questions concerning all of us, that would be a great success," Rode satisfied. In the meantime, hundreds of readers with the book awaited Peterson's signature in their hand and strongly discussed the fair hearing.

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