Thursday , May 13 2021

Make sure your own eyes see how good photos can be recorded on the phone

Huawei's phones are renowned for their exceptional camera. The latest model Mate 20 Pro is distinguished by the triple Leica camera, which is also in poor lighting conditions, and the quality of photos taken along with it can be seen with the visit of the "Day in Celje" exhibition.

At the turn of the millennium, people made about 80 billion photos. Three years later this figure has grown to 660 billion. Today it is $ 1.5 trillion. A shabby figure that talks about the importance of photography in today's day. Today we take more photos than ever before.

Memory that remains forever

Photography has become our way of expressing. Expressing your feelings, we assure a fraction of a second that we can visit again with a look at the photo and share with the world all the beauty of the environment, which is at a certain moment in front of our lens. Photos can have powerful messages and bring joy, sadness and indifference to the person. Just think of the warm feelings that fly over as you pass through the family album. Each picture has its own story. A story that is sometimes difficult to describe and take in words. As they say, the picture speaks more than a thousand words.

The importance of photographs today is recognized by the second largest smartphone maker, Huawei. Their phones have been known for some time with their exceptional cameras, as confirmed by the P20 Pro rating at the top of the famous DkOMark photographic card, otherwise the main reference in this area. Huavei is partnering with Leica a few years ago to develop cameras for his phones, which is still in progress.

Perfect single-click photo

The latest result of the collaboration is the camera Camera Mate 20 Pro, which saw the light from mid-October. With this phone, Huawei has confirmed his alpha and omega status in mobile photography. With its advanced artificial intelligence, its triple Leica camera identifies thousands of different scenes in real time and automatically adjusts various settings such as exposure, contrast and saturation of colors, and in this way helps the user to capture the best possible photographs under different conditions.

With an ultra wide-angle lens, it also includes a wider perspective of the environment and adds a spacious and three-dimensional effect to the photos. The new camera system also supports macro photography or a photo of adjacent shots, which allows you to capture sharp objects even when they are only 2.5 centimeters away from the lens. Leica Triple Camera is ready to record any event.

Also, you need to mention a special night mode in which you can record extremely sharp images without blur in low light while holding the phone in your hand.

Day in Celje through three lenses

You can also be sure of the outstanding quality of the photos taken with the latest Huawei phone. In collaboration with professional photographer Urška Premika, Huavei prepared an exhibition "Day in Celje", where you can see photos taken exclusively by the Mate 20 Pro. You are waiting for a journey through street magic, imagined by a triple camera Leica. In addition, Huawei's phones have become the true partner of professional photographers.

You can see the exhibition "Day in Celje":

  • in Celje, shopping center City Center, between November 5 and November 11.
  • in Ljubljana, Supernova shopping center, between November 18 and November 31.
  • in Ljubljana, the shopping center Maki pasaža, between December 1 and December 15.

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