Saturday , May 8 2021

New Facebook problems due to privacy of users!

Facebook has some problems with protecting the privacy of users of its services!Facebook has some problems with protecting the privacy of users of its services!

Providers on line a favor Gathering a lot of information about you. Of course, the company is dominated by more than two billion users Facebook, because on several occasions it collects user's personal data illegally socially network. The latest affair revealed that due to a serious error in Facebook's software code, many companies and individuals around the world were covertly gathered to collect certain information about users of the popular social network.

The error in the program code allowed companies to secretly collect certain user profile information, such as their interests and what they liked. Users of course were not informed about it, and their personal data began in May of this year. Facebook has recently abolished the aforementioned software bug, but for now companies involved in IT security have not overlooked the big irregularities, which can soon be changed.

Although this error in the software code of the online service at first glance seems very innocent, this is not the case in practice. By collecting data, a dedicated user profile can be created using dedicated algorithms, which can then be misused for either targeted advertising or for the purposes you like. This was more than good in practice in the case of the Cambridge Analytics affair. The analytical company received personal information through an unhindered information protection policy and failure to respond to the leading Facebook companies, and with abusive personal information even helped to run Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

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