Saturday , April 17 2021

New image: Aleš Hrvatin of The Biggest Loser is unrecognizable

Finally, we are with the brave Aleš Hrvatin, who was sweating for a dream come true in The Biggest Loser, spoke last March when he told us he had lost 96 kilograms.

"I train three times a week with a personal trainer, three times a week, my day is very busy. Training …" He told us at this time, and he is still keeping that pace. In recent months, Aleš has cut his body even more and currently weighs 121 pounds. That's not all. The boxer of reality has slightly changed his image and now has a beard, which is very attractive to him. Your Facebook friends are in agreement with that. "How have you been a man! All the honors!" It was written by its follower.

Aleš, who weighed more than 220 kilograms in a program, shared on Facebook, which will surely motivate many who face a personal challenge: "The obstacles should not be prevented. If you find a wall, do not turn around and do not give up. Learn how to upload, pass or find a way to move. "

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