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NIJZ: on influenza vaccination without PCT involvement


The Center for Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health to exempt influenza vaccination from the condition of survivors, vaccinated, tested (PCT) this season. The Ministry of Health said the condition of the PCT is not necessary as it is an “urgent medical service”.

As of Sept. 18, the government has listed health service users as exemptions from meeting the PCT condition if they opt for covid-19 vaccination or to try a new coronavirus infection. Earlier, however, the government had stipulated that the status of the PCT was not mandatory in the case of health services with emergency and very fast levels, and in urgent procedures of social and family matters.

The Ministry of Health explained that the exception is already provided for in the decree on how to meet the status of PCT.

“We explain that compliance with the PCT condition for users also does not apply in cases of influenza vaccination, as it is an urgent health service. That is, timely vaccination is key to successful protection. of a person with the vaccine, ”they said. .

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You can get the flu shot in a week

Vaccination begins Monday

This season’s flu vaccination begins Monday. NIJZ recommends vaccination to all residents, especially to groups at higher risk of serious illness. Like last season, flu vaccination is free this year for anyone with compulsory health insurance.

At the NIJZ, vaccination is recommended for all residents who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from the disease. However, vaccination is especially recommended for groups at higher risk of serious illness, ie those over 65, chronic patients and their relatives, people with a marked overweight, young children (from six months to two years). ). And family members, pregnant women and relatives, health workers and co-workers and employees of nursing homes who are exposed to the risk of infection at work or who can transmit the infection to others at work and other emergency workers.

The flu vaccine can be done at the same time as the covid-19 vaccination, said the head of the Maribor NIJZ unit at today’s press conference on flu vaccination. Zoran Simonovic.

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