Monday , March 1 2021

#photo At Ikea only with online booking

However, Ikea will open its doors to customers in Ljubljana on Thursday – both online and in-store – and strict measures will be applied: a reservation will be required to enter the store and, from today, it will be possible to obtain on their website. Without it, entry will not be possible, as there can only be 700 customers in the store at a time. Those who want to collect goods purchased online will be able to do so with a proof of purchase.

As he explained Cas Lachaert, the market manager of Ikea Slovenia, estimates that the average customer spends two hours in the store, so the available bookings will be adjusted accordingly. “This scheme will apply as long as the current limit on the number of customers in relation to the store area is applied,” he explained. Reservations will be scheduled, the time of the visit will be chosen by the customer online.

Separate entrance and exit

The car park around Ikea, located near the Šmartinska basket, right next to the BTC or Crystal Palace, is closed for now; therefore, access will only be possible through an entrance, which can be accessed on foot, by bicycle or by car via a large roundabout at the end of Pavilion A of BTC. An independent exit from the car park will also be arranged.

After thirteen years of speculation, suggestions and wishes, Ikea, one of the most renowned retail chains with furniture and similar products in the world, will open a store in Slovenia. “If you look at the store from the outside, it’s like the others: blue and with a yellow inscription,” Lachaert explained. The differences lie in the details, as the markets differ from each other. “If in Japan we have to have a living room of only eight square meters, in Slovenia it’s different,” he explained. It is estimated that the Slovenian living room has an average of 25 to 30 square meters. As an example of the difference, he stated that a large and spacious dining table in a Parisian shop would not be found in one of the most prominent places in an exhibition hall with this furniture, as the Parisian apartments are smaller. and few buy larger dining tables, otherwise, in Slovenia.

Thus, the store offers almost everything that can be found in Vileš, Klagenfurt, Zagreb or Graz. Only what the customer sees exposed while walking through the store is different, as they ensure that not all stores are the same and that the tastes of customers in different countries are also different.

Prices between these stores can vary as they are set for individual countries and there are also differences in tax rates, competition, demand and the like, they explained.

There will be no opening discounts

There will be no special opening discounts at Ikea, fixed prices are standard. The working hours of the store will be from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. The restaurant and cafeteria will be closed for now, although they will allow the purchase of meals that guests can prepare at home. The main food supply will revolve around the Swedish-Slovenian combination, they announced. At the moment, they do not plan to open a store anywhere else in Slovenia, but plan to set up collection points in other Slovenian cities. They have this practice in Croatia, for example. We will also open a collection point in Maribor.

The store is manufactured according to Ikea’s established plans, but it is one of the few that is so close to the city center and has all the offerings. There is also a children’s corner, which will be closed for the time being due to measures against the epidemic.

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