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Ronaldo has to deduct 11 million euros for tax-free Bugattia


The phenomenon of Portuguese football Cristiano Ronaldo is about to become the owner of the prestigious Bugatti, the only car of a well-known French company, which is expected that the player of the Juventus de Turin, 34 years old, will deduce less than eleven million euros. Without taxes In a prestigious car of the French manufacturer, the Portuguese fell in love with a visit to the Geneva Motor Show.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a great fan of prestigious cars.PHOTO: AP

The French manufacturer Bugatti revealed a few months ago (potentially) the most expensive car in the world. How did you orderCristiano Ronaldo He is a well-known amateur and also a collector of prestigious automobile brands.

& # 39; Black Car & # 39; is the younger brother of the former 57 SC Atlantic. They only made four between 1936 and 1938.

His personal garages, already rich in prestigious brands, will offer an unprecedented product. How does Madrid write? Picture frameJuventus will become the owner of Bugatti & # 39; La Voiture Noire & # 39; in the future, or "Black Car", the last product of the famous prestigious car maker. The final product of this prestigious company was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, where Ronaldo fell in love with Bugatti. "The prestigious automobile exhibition in Geneva coincides with the 110th anniversary of this French company. The car requested by Ronaldo is one in the world, there will be no other. But be careful, however, the Portuguese will wait a year or two more to fix all the details. Ronaldo has breathed fierce yes. It will easily cover the amount of eleven million euros without taxes"said Madras, among other things Picture frame. "Our history is not based on privileges, but on responsibility. In our opinion, our new Bugatti is a mixture of aesthetics, luxury and recognizable technology"Bugatti said Stephan Winkelmann.

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