Thursday , July 7 2022

Should a married lover believe that he promises to divorce when the child finishes school?


Your partner has already decided. He did not decide for you or his wife or for his children. He opted for ruthless selfishness, in which the space is only for his interests and satisfactions. Take some care for you, for your emotions, desires and expectations. You have not written how old you are, your writing gives the impression that you are young and, above all, ingenuous in relation to men. Depending on the age of their children, I imagine that he is a middle-aged man who seduces the woman with his left hand. Therefore, you probably do not have to make much effort to shake your head and fall in love with it. After a year and a half, he is still completely blind and the one who has chosen tries to maintain blindness. He is the master of the situation and knows exactly how to talk with you and what should be enthusiastic about him, it is clear to him, with what kind of behavior you can always fascinate. That way it works. Try thinking about what else you can do to make it as pleasant as possible. He laughed and was afraid that he would not be jealous if he allowed them to go with a friend to the sea, while enjoying a deserved getaway with his family or wife. You'll flirt with the role of the victim you would be willing to accept for him. All this for a man that only means fun and sexual pleasure. All life is delayed in an unclear future, and almost an adult child is just a miserable excuse for his lack of interest in a fair relationship with you. As it is, it is ideal for him. His wife insists on the virtual law, because the family abroad means more than content. For him, the happy family is also an important status symbol. In the shade of your public image, you are what you are waiting for and will always be available whenever you like. Your partner does not love anyone, because love is not capable. It only manipulates with its neighbors and even involves their own children in their games. Shake, wake up, stay on the ground. I know you're not happy with what I wrote to you. You have waited for everything else. Unfortunately, I can not write anything about your partner. Try to make land. I know the landing will be painful, but surely it will be healing. Try to learn more about life stories for you. Enjoy a friend of the holidays at sea and reflect on what I wrote to you. I suggest you seek professional help to help you recover the pain. Trust yourself, you will be overcome.

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